Yum Yum

Last weekend I made some cupcakes with my sister and my dad.

First we got all the ingredients out and then put the cake cases in the tray.

After we did that we weighed all the ingredients and cracked the egg into the mixture.

Then we put the ingredients together and mixed it all together.

We then poured the cake batter into the cases.

We put the cakes  in the oven to cook for about half an hour.

While they were in the oven, we made some icing.

Then we put the icing on the cakes and decorated the cakes with sprinkles and cherries with chocolate chips on them.

Finally we ate them all up.

weekend swim!

At the weekend, my sister had a party and it was a swim party so basically  it’s a pool party.

Everyone went in except me and some other people only 1-2 people.Her cake was a funny emoji and she had two cakes and the other one was a lollipop cake. It was fun just watching her but it was really really hot up there!

Then after that we went to get some fish and chips  and in there I saw Mrs Walton! That was a surprise!

We went home and we ate them up and sat watched some tv then went to bed.

The End!