Mog’s Xmas

One Christmas Eve,everyone we’re still sleeping and having nice dreams,ecsept the cat called mog,who had a terrible nightmare!Through out his nightmare he was flicking his tail and twirling it around the Christmas tree lights…

That’s when Mog looked down at the oven and smoke made his beautiful light grey fur,pitch black.Clumsily,Mog got onto the table,the table cloth,which was full of delicious food,fell on the ground as fast as a cheetah.While he was licking his tiny paw, chestnuts started popping like popcorn and destroyed the whole kitchen.Suddenly,when a hot chestnut hit Mog on the headhe jumped on a high clock.Frantically,the clock fell back And flattened the presents.Then he got up and looked at the tree without any green leaves.

After that,the cat ran out the house to see 2 fire men in a fire engine.They both gout out and ran to the house to get the turkey and rescue it so that mr and mrs Thomas could eat it.The whole Thomas family went to their home to check if they had anything was left.

When Mrs Thomas saw the disgrace she had a tears in her eyes. Then ,they heard a knock on their door.Everyone came to save Christmas so they bought food and even brought a huge Christmas tree.

Mog saved the whole Christmas. He as a cat hero. People gavered up and hugged the tiny cat.At the end mog got his special eggs.

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  • swillcocks

    20th December 2017

    You have used commas well to separate clauses but don’t forget to use the space bar when typing up your work.


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