Burwell House

On Wednesday to Friday we went on a school residential with year 4. It was so fun, there were plenty of activities to do there it was so fun.


My favourite part was when we went to have food at each meal time. There were many other special moments with my friends such as with Matilda, Phoebe and Chloe. On the last day, we did a challenge which was called the Burwell Fox. Basically you got a partner ( in this case mine was Matilda) and there are questions hidden around  the garden. The teachers were farmers  and you had to go around answering the questions  but if the famers see you they call your name and you have to go to them and they stamp you and your partner. It was quite annoying because you kept getting stamped!

One of my funniest moments was when  Nadia was sleep running. She said it was  because the pizza was attacking her. She woke up confused about it. My other funny moment was when Phoebe was sleep walking! She was lying in her bed and then she got up and  got off  her bed. She was walking, then she got back on again,  she also woke up really confused.

We also had a disco! I danced with Miss Ruff. We played pass the parcel. We also had the eggs we had earnt  and we made an egg  protector and put an egg in it but mine failed!

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