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15nadiab wrote: trip to london
The whole year 3 went to London to the national gallery to see George Bellow's picture "Men of the Dock". and different groups looked at difrent pantings and a man told us about them. we where looking and talking and spoting things in the paintings e (More)
12claytonp wrote: men of the dockes
On Tuesday 20  November  we visited  London,the  national gallery, in Trafalgar square.  we went there because we wanted to see the Men of the Docks painting by George Bellows. The bus trip was really  long, because there  was a lot of traffic (More)
15igork wrote: school trip
On Thursday I was excited because we were going to the national gallery in London. When we got on the couch I sat next to victor. I slept a little bit and when I woke up we were already at London. We went out of the couch and went to the national gal (More)
On the 20th November we went to the London national gallery, we left at 7:30 and came back at 5:25 the journey was about 2 and a half hours long.  We went to see The Men At The Docks by George Bellows. The year group split int two groups and we both (More)
On Tuesday 20th of November year 6 went to The National Art Gallery in London .In central London is The National Art Gallery where year six went to take a closer look at the painting Men At The Docks.To avoid traffic we had to be at school for 7:15 (More)
12leof wrote: the national gallery
We went on the  coach and we left at 7:45, it tooke 3 hours to get to London.We went to the National Gallery on tuesday 20th November.  when we got there we had to get registered. the most interesting painting i saw, was men at the docks' becaus (More)
12kaayap wrote: National gallery
As soon as, I got off the coach and entered the national gallery I was amazed because of how good the paintings were.After we entered the gallery we got put into groups and that meant we would stay with that teacher or a TA for the rest of the day.I (More)
12ellad wrote: National gallery
 On Tuesday the 20 th of November in London. we went because we were learning about men of the docks and they had the same picture we have been learning about  .As entered the extraordinary building I could see marble walls and marble floors . Afte (More)
12stefand wrote: National art gallery trip
On Tuesday 20th November 2018,Huntingdon primary school went to the national art gallery in London.we went there because we are learning about Men of the docks and other two fabulous paintings. The most interesting painting was men of the docks be (More)
12laceys wrote: National gallery
We went to the National gallery in London on the 20th November 2018 because we needed to look at the picture Men of the Docks. My personal  favourite painting was Rubens landscape. I really liked the huge house in the background and the painting ha (More)