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14milliem wrote: Stem week
Bottle Rockets In stem week we did rocket blasting with fizzy tablets.  We used hot water and poured it into the rocket before adding a fizzy tablet. It did not work at first but we only used 2 tablets. Then we tried again with cold water and 4 t (More)
13SarahZ wrote: Stem week By Sarah
Last week it was STEM week, we measured distances and even made irrigation systems.  Some people made cotton candy and some people got to taste  it but I didn't , there were loads of flavours even cola. I learned that Stem stands for Science, Tec (More)
13kayleighp wrote: STEM Week.
The irrigation system On Stem week we made an irrigation system to water our allotment. First we needed to get a bottle. Next we needed to use a pin to put some holes in the bottle. After that you  to needed cut off the bottom of the bottle of (More)
Cameron wrote: STEM week
This week was STEM week and in this week we have four activities which were Science, technology, engeneering, maths.  We were introduced to this week on Monday when we had an assembly, in the purple hall, and year 6's did different activity and m (More)