Olivia wrote: 100 word challenge
The fun day stared like they all do at Charlie's Chocolate Factory . First strolled up to his long purple  boat with a umpalumpa to make sure everything is up and running . He was about to get out of boat but then the head of electric cried, "Quick! (More)
I'm Molly Weasly , This is the day two of my sons to ruin my week .  This when it all started. Fred and George went on a mysterious adventure . They didn't tell me exactly where they were going but  they told me would be back by six . At eight, the (More)
Olivia wrote: Maths in real life
During the May holiday ,I went on holiday 3 hours from here but  we had a caravan on the back of our car so it took longer .I had to use my maths skills to see how much longer it would take.  An extra 30minutes so we left at 3:30pm-6:30pm we arrive (More)