15igork wrote: Minecraft
minecraft is a really cool game you can build attack enchanting and also crafting. The legendary item you can mine is a ♦.people in Minecraft can get Ö if they see a can make anything you wish mines there might be mobs so WATCH (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: Minecraft
1. In minecraft you need to try to protect yourself in survival mode. 2.  There’s peaceful,easy,normal and hard. 3. In minecraft if there’s anybody you know you can play the game with them. 4. In minecraft there is a wood , stone, iron (More)
15masond wrote: at home
I play minecraft and I put superheroes and the superheroes are Spiderman and Hulk and Iron Patriot. There are two more called Iron Man and Black Widow. My favourite is all of them. (More)