12claytonp wrote: men of the dockes
On Tuesday 20  November  we visited  London,the  national gallery, in Trafalgar square.  we went there because we wanted to see the Men of the Docks painting by George Bellows. The bus trip was really  long, because there  was a lot of traffic (More)
Oh On the 20th of  November, 2018 we went on the trip to London at 7.45 Am.  It took 3 hours for the coach to get at London because of traffic. We were aiming to see the painting Men Of The Docks, Which is at the National Gallery, We also went to (More)
15morgans wrote: School trip
Hello my name is called Morgan. I am writing about my school trip today.  First we went  on the coach then we went.  We sang a song  when we got there, we saw Big Ben and Tower  Bridge and some  pictures in the National Gallery. Then we went ba (More)