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15abramn wrote: my friends
My friends are the best things I could have, sometimes I call them my bro. I play roblox with my friends and they are the best. Also I play minecraft with Harley [only 1 time] but I mostly play by myself. (More)
15kevinm wrote: My favourite games
Hello my name is Kevin and my favourite games are roblox because there’s lots of things you can play my favourite fing on there is shouting simlater 2 because when you shout you get points and you can rebirth and you can get  bigger to so its like (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: Fortnite/places
Fortnite is a good game you know. Its season 6 so far. Soon season 7. YAY YAY YAY YAY. Fortnite season 7 is December 5th, 2018. In fortnite there is tilted towers, greasy grove, lazy links, shifty shafts, leaky lake, snobby shores, fatal fields, para (More)
15michalj wrote: Roblox
I chose roblox because I think that roblox is fun because you can play anything you want. You can do  wotever you want. pst ...you can even fly in some maps or if you want you can fly on different games. (More)