15maddiec wrote: my friends
my friends are summer,lacy,kyanna,kai,violet,theo,josh,aleksander,elizabete,abram,mrs rigby'Alissia’Emma’Lily-Eve’Chelsea:H’Munnazza’Miss Reeve’Mr Elden’Miss Martin’Jessica   (More)
15abramn wrote: my friends
My friends are the best things I could have, sometimes I call them my bro. I play roblox with my friends and they are the best. Also I play minecraft with Harley [only 1 time] but I mostly play by myself. (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: MY FRIENDS
Hi. My friends are Oscar, Theo, Kai, Harley, Lacey, Abram, Igor, Josh and Alissia. (More)
15elizabetel wrote: My friends
My best friend is Munazza and Chelsea, also Alissa .They are really funny, especially Chelsea .I have a lot of fun playing with them because they are nice and kind.   (More)
15igork wrote: Friendship
My friends are Victor, Elizabeth, Munazza, Aleksander and Oscar they are my best friends.They help my if I get hurt. Also they help me if I am sad. We’re going to be friends forever.Even if we get mad at each over, we’ll still be friends. We’re (More)
15munazzas wrote: My friends
My best friend is Elizabete and do not think she's the queen because she's not.I like her most because she always stands up for me and that's what friends do.My friends are also Alissia,Chelsea and even Violet - they are really fun.They also come to (More)