15igork wrote: Big write
[caption id="attachment_894" align="alignnone" width="300"] Big write.  I wrote a big write about persuasion to tell people to buy fairtrade products.This was my most favourite big write ever.I wish we can do this big write again.If your class 8 ask (More)
America: a land of freedom, inspiration and a fresh start. Today for the first time Ellis Island has opened their doors for a huge warming welcome to many fortunate people looking for a new life and a fresh start. Coming and hoping that they will be (More)
America: the land of prosperity, freedom and opportunity. For the first time in history, Ellis Island opens its doors wide to welcome opportunity filled hopefuls from all over the world. Annie  Moore was the first of these fortunate passengers t (More)
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Thursday 15th November 2018 After a long family discussion Bob travelled to America from Ireland because he was going to try and earn some money for his family since he didn't have lots of money (his family was very poor). He knew he was going to mi (More)