13SarahZ wrote: How To Make Cookies
How to make Cookies You will need:- sugar , flour and butter.  Add as much as you want to make the amount of cookies you want . You can add chocolate , caramel and more. I would choose a Shape , normally I do star , circle or love heart . Put it (More)
I Used maths when I had to go to my friends house and I had to come back in an hour and a half ,so I counted on what time I had to come back. When I had to go to the shops I had thirteen pounds and I had to pay three pounds so I took away the thre (More)
In the holidays I had a tricky situation to sort out but I knew I could do it using my Maths skills. I  was baking a cake and I had to know how many grams of flour , sugar and butter to put in.  I had to find out how many tablespoons  went into (More)