15aleksanderg wrote: Fortnite endgame
Fortnite has a new game mode called Endgame where you can be the Avengers,Chitauri and Thanos. It is really cool.In my opinion it is the best game mode ever. (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: MY FORTNITE SKINS
My first ever fortnite skin was frostbite! I got it in season 6! I got to buy the season 7 battle pass because the frostbite pack had frostbite in and a pickaxe, a backbling, a glider and 1000 V-bucks.After I got the season 7 battle pass I had the 2 (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: What is Easter ?
Easter is very important to Christians like me. Easter was when Jesus was put in a cave.Easter is Christian holiday!Easter is celebrated after lent.Jesus died on Easter on a cross!Some people believe the word Easter comes from the pagan holiday. Eas (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: About my dog Missy
Here is my dog. Her name is Missy. She is a Yorkshire Terrier. She is very nice to play with. (More)
Fortnite has had a lot of changes so far. I'm gonna tell you all the fortnite places first it was dusty depot then in season 4 there was a meteor shower and dusty depot changed into dusty divot. NOW ITS TIME FOR ALL THE PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!! Tilted towe (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: Minecraft
1. In minecraft you need to try to protect yourself in survival mode. 2.  There’s peaceful,easy,normal and hard. 3. In minecraft if there’s anybody you know you can play the game with them. 4. In minecraft there is a wood , stone, iron (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: Slime Ingredients
First you need some glue .                                                                                                                                                      (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: Facts about pokemon
Pokemon is basicly an amazing game with a lot of cute creatures named pokemon. In pokemon there's a lot inculding pikachu, raichu, pichu, mewtwo,mew,dialga,palkia,litten,poplio,rowlet,dragonite,metagross,beldum, metang,chimchar,monferno,infernape,tur (More)
15aleksanderg wrote: facts about cats
Cats are very fluffy and cute. Cats have a very big jump. Cats may be crazy. Cats are amazing by the way. Cats = cute. (More)
So as you alredy know dogs and puppys are cute and fluffy. If you don't have a pet go get one if you are lonely. Pet's make me happy so they should make you happy too.  I want a ferret when I'm older because they are cute. Pet's are the cutest thing (More)