What I Have Learned In Maths About Fractions Converting Into Decimals

Today in maths I found a pattern of converting all many ninths equals to the same numerator.If you had 2/9 in decimals it will be 0.22 that is the pattern what i have found it works on any one but when you get to wholes it is a bit different you see how many nines there are in the wholes and after the decimal point it will go back to the oringinal pattern Thank you for listening to this I will aprechiate all of this please comment down below

How to divide fractions! Maths Expert

This is how to divide fraction.
Lets do this one.
2/4 divide 6/8.
It is quiet simple.
Step 1:You need to switch the second fraction which is 6/8 to 8/6.
Step 2: This is super easy you need to just times it.The numerator time numerator and denominator time denominator.So 2 times 8 which is 16 and 4 times 6 is 24 so the answer is 16/24.

If it is a improper fraction for example if you had 24/16.You divide the denominator by the numerator which is 1 reminder 8, but in fractions it is be 1 8/16, let me example the 1 is the whole the reminder is the numerator and the denominator is the other answer.
So it would be 1 8/24.

If you want to you can simplify it, but you can only simplify the fraction bit which is 8 over 24. You need to find a number that can simplify which is 8. 8 divide 8 is 1 and 8 divide 24 is 3.

You get 1/3 but don’t forget the whole number which is 1 so the answer is 1 1/3.

By Krishna.

Oliver and Krishna teach us how to multiply different types of fractions