Hello I am part of the Maths Experts.I have a task to do a blog post about what we have done. We got are badges on 04/10/16 we had are first meeting on the 06/10/16 we have meetings every Thursday. Today it is the 07/10/16 we had a meeting just for today at lunch.

If you are wondering what we do we make Maths videos we did one for year2.We did it on Partitioning 2-digits numbers.We are starting doing videos for school our school. Miss Ruffs is the year2 two teacher that ask for us to do the video.

In are group is Alex, Harry, Kayleigh Freddie, Imogin, Katie,  Eden, Mrs Rigby(who is the leader of the Maths Expert) and of course I.

We have a logo.This are logos in are videos, but not on our badge.

Hope you like our logo.
If you are inserted in more keep looking on our blog.

By Krishna.