So if you want to know how to do column subtraction, then follow the steps to success below:



What you need:

1. Two numbers, that need to have at least two digits.

2.Concentration skills.

3. Lots of Resilience!!!!

What to do:

1. First create two numbers, E.G. 743-532.

2. Next set out your columns so the bigger number(743) is sitting on top of your smaller number(532).

3. Then you look at your units column on each number, then you take the bottom number from the top number, in my sum that would =1.

4. After that you do the same in the tens column, in my sum it would =10  so at the moment my number is 11 but, I still have one more column to do.

5. Soon after you do the exact same with the hundreds, in my sum that would =200.

6. Finally you have your answer, and in my sum it would =211.

If you get stuck then put it in a question that you have about it in the comment section and I will answer it as quick as possible.