About rivers

How a river is formed?

A river begins as a source. This source could be spring, glacier, and even snow from mountains . Then the snow melts and has an amazing travel down the rocky mountains. Then it reaches the surface and then has another great travel below the ground because the water has so much pressure. The land that has not been cut down is called a flood plain. The stream has a bed and a channel, the channel flows with the current

Water facts

They have a mouth and the mouth is based were  the small river meets the bigger river, that is called a tributary. The ocean covers over 70% of the WORLDS surface. A river has a current.

Did you know the Dead Sea is actually a lake with really strong salt. No animal or person could stand a day in it because of the amount of salt and however if someone drank it they would have a risk of  dying. How amazing is that I’m surprised they found that information.