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Captain Tom, who now lives in Bedfordshire, decided to set himself a challenge, to raise £1000, for the NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his 25m garden.
He was supposed to have a 100th birthday party with 100 people but it got cancelled because of Covid-19.

Captain Moore received honorary promotion, he was promoted to Colonel. The RAF flypast was organised as well as special greetings from the Queen and Prime Minister. He was informed of his promotion to honorary colonel in a letter, presented to him by Lt Col Thomas Miller, commanding officer of the Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment.

Also he featured in the cover version of the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. All money raised also went to the NHS.
A Total of £32.79 million was raised by the end of his challenge.

Captain Tom Moore 👴

Captain Tom Moore was born in West Yorkshire. He was a captain in the British army during World War 2.Tom was serving in India and Burma. Captain Tom Moore is now 99 years old he is a former British soldier who lives in Bedfordshire. Captain Tom Moore has set him self an amazing challenge. Tom Moores’ change was walking 100 laps around his 25m garden. Captain Tom Moore has completed his fundraising challenge and realised MOOR THAN £17 million for the NHS!!!!! (that’s amazing!!!)

Captain. Tom Moore


Captain tom Moore was a British army officer. He was born in a town called Keighly and it was not that big of a town. Before his birthday he had set himself a challenge which I will mention later. He was born on April 30th 1920 and has a daughter.

What challenge?

The challenge that he set himself was to do 100 laps to raise maybe over £1,000 and successful it was! Before his birthday he made it over £23m which is very much a huge amount of money. He did all those 100 laps just in his garden.

Fun Facts

When he was still young he had multiple jobs so he used his time wisely. The 1st job was being a managing director of a concrete company and then  joining a motorcycle race. Who knows there could be more! To Bradford it was known as a civil parish.

Captain Tom Moore👴🏼

Captain Tom Moore

Who is he? – Captain Tom Moore is a former 99 year old British soldier.

Where is he? – Captain Tom lives in Bedfordshire.

What is the challenge? – Captain’s challenge is to walk around his 25m garden.

How much has been raised? – Captain Tom Moore has raised more than £17,000,000!

Other interests – Captain Tom Moore has served in India and Myanmar during World War II.

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is a 100 year old former British soldier. He is a originally from Keighley in West Yorkshire but now lives Bedfordshire.
He set himself a challenge to complete 100 lapses of his garden before his birthday which was 16th April. He wanted to raise £1000 for the NHS charities, to say thank you to them as they helped him recover from cancer and a broken hip. He ended up raising over a massive 28 million pound!
Captain Tom Moore was a captain during World War Two, he also served in India and Burma. He should of celebrated his 100th birthday with 100 people but sadly he could not because of Coronavirus.