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How a river is formed?

A river begins as a source at the top of a mountain. This source could be: a spring, glacier, rain or even collected snow. This source travels down the hill/mountain(because of gravity ), after that the source enters  a waterfall. The waterfall then pushes the source to the main channel. There can be parts of the main channel where a tributary ( smaller river) can  join the main channel. This place is called a confluence. Where a river enters the mouth (ocean) is called an estuary. There can sometimes be delta which block part of the water from flowing in. On both sides of the river is a floodplain. When the river floods the floodplain floods. The river can cut through it forms a meander and leaves an oxbow lake.

Oceans and seas

Amazingly oceans cover 70% of the worlds surface! There are 5 oceans: the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Arctic Ocean. Out of these oceans the Pacific is the biggest, it covers 30% of the worlds surface. Did you know that the sea is were land meets the ocean? It can also be a smaller part of the ocean like the Mediterranean Sea.

water facts

River Nile is the longest river, it travels through 7 countries ! Did you know that the Dead Sea is actually a lake? It got its name from the high saltwater, also the Dead Sea got its name from that no fish in the WORLD can live in it because it’s water can kill them.


mouth-scientific name for ocean

main channel- main river

tributary-scientific name for smaller rivers

source- glacier ,spring ,collected snow or rain

confluence- were a smaller river meets the main channel

delta- built up sand

floodplain- land that floods when river over-flows

meander- when a river cuts through land

oxbow lake- the land that is left after a meander

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