8 Feb 2019

today at school

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I did a big write about internet so you keep safe on the internet. Be kind on the internet😀so you do not get bullied 🙀😅


8 Feb 2019

Hello moon

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Do you know There is a red moon🌚 ? There was also a red wolf moon

8 Feb 2019


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Athens is a hot place on earth and they is lots of people there  and the Minotaur was there.

8 Feb 2019

how to be safe online

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  • if you want to be safe on fortnite, you need to tell an adult if someone is swearing
  • on minecraft, you can’t be rude because they can block and hack you
8 Feb 2019

Science club

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In year 3’s  Hub we made white cheese from milk and lemon juice.  Then we blogged  a bout  it all …     We had a lot  of  funn times whith Miss Rigby…

8 Feb 2019


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I love 💖 maths because I love division.

What is 3+3=6? yes it is! I love maths

8 Feb 2019

My mate🤗🤩🤣🙂😁🙃

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My year 3 is fun with  my mate

he’s like that 🎄🔮🤗🙃😁🙂🤣🤩🎥👩‍🏫🌈💩👾🤐🤢🤮😱😨😰😥😓🤥🤫🤭🤔🤗😶😐😑😬🙄👮🏻‍♀️

I trust him to be a good mate

from Aleks

8 Feb 2019

LoL surprise🇩🇰

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LOL surprise❤️

First we are open layer and is a puzzle. On the next layer are stickers. After this is a pink-blue bottle and white-yellow shoes. Later is a blue-white dress and etceteras. On the end is a wonderful doll. She is crying when you add the water, also she is changing colour when you put her in hot water.


8 Feb 2019

Greek myths😇

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At school we were learning about lots of Greek myths.Some of them were like this😭and some like this😉.They were so fun.In all of them there was a monster like in theseus and the minetor😵


By Nadia 🐯🐬

5 Feb 2019

E safety

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You need to be safe  on line.You should be careful with hackers. I think you should be nice to people and if they are mean, leave them and unfriend them. You need to go on games for your correct age.