26 Mar 2019

Things that are you doing school

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So I did maths  it is mostly boring but after I finished, I got to go on iPad and do a blog 🥺 so  mostly at school I like to play is scratch where you colour in  and place people

21 Mar 2019

Fortnite things

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Fortnite is a cool game for 12 and over 12 years old.

I am going to write down some dances: orange justice, Breakdown, Robot, Wiggle, Boogie down and Slytherin

21 Mar 2019


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miss   rigby   is  the   best  teacher   ever

18 Mar 2019


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Today at school I’ve been learning about Crete

Crete is a beautiful sunny place and the beach is very very relaxing.

The minotaur comes from Crete.


18 Mar 2019

my favorite games outside

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I love playing the game called “IT” because  there is a lot of running so I enjoy it. I also like  survival games like you spawn in a  forest

18 Mar 2019

About division

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Today  at school I learned about division.  It is hard.   But it’s kind of easy at the same time.

18 Mar 2019

Finger Print

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In Science club, we dun fingerprints and looked at how they are all diffrent.

12 Mar 2019

How to treat your family

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  1. Top Tips you have to trust your family .
  2. You have to be kind.
12 Mar 2019

Satisfying slime

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Slime is very fun to play with and to get your anger out of your body .

You can make it if you use the exact number of

e.g. glue as asked in the text


Hears a recipe to make bubbley SLIME

You will need:

240ml(81/2 fl oz PVA glue

1 tsp bicarbonate of soada

finger paint 🎨 will or food colouring of your choice

1 tsp  eyewash-it must contain boric acid and sodium borate

Do all of that in any order then get a straw  and pinch the bottom of the staw when you’ve put the straw in and BLOW  into your straw


You made bubbly SLIME


12 Mar 2019

All about unicorns

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Hello I’m here to talk about unicorns. Unicorns are animals that  were there thousands of years ago alive.They are the most special species on the planet.I heard that some people think that  unicorns are not real – they are they existed but now they don’t. Unicorns have magic but it doesn’t come from them it comes from they’re horn.Unicorns are beautiful and fluffy. And also remember believe in magic and yourself. Magic is real you are real. And tell your friends and family.And unicorns 🦄🦄and also.