I like Roblox and Pokemon it’s cool Roblox because there are more and more other games like mini-games like sim’s, tycoons and just more game’s. Pokemon I kinda like more than Roblox because all my friends want Pokemon card’s I like them in real life but not really in game mode, my friend’s play Roblox a lot too I think they like it more than the card’s and the game, me too I like Roblox a lot with them.

Robux cards are nearly the same as Pokemon card’s Pokemon card’s are a lot of money than Robux card’s, the Roblox cards are pretty boring instead of Pokemon card’s.

My face is like a cool face and my clothes are very green and there’s a pumpkin on my shirt my pant’s has an addis I think it’s red even, all in roblox.

My game that my friend made on Roblox and I made it too, it’s called: dance off it’s called that becuase I like dancing sometime’s, all in roblox.

Even I think Fortnite is cool it’s simlar to Pokemon like the battle’s and people the things on the ground,simlar right?

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