The three little princesses christmas

Once upon a time lived three little princesses called Riane, Rihanna, and Brianne. They were so excited for Christmas they really wanted a pony. However, they were always good and they experienced themselves. One day it was December so they put some decorations across the land. Finally it was Christmas eve they rushed into the kitchen and got carrots and a mince  pie and their mum said no it’s to early but they didn’t care . They just put it on a plate after that they were looking in the tree if there was some magic fairy dust but there wasn’t! It was time for bed and the girls went to sleep and guess what …… Riane woke up and saw Santa and rushed downstairs and she said: “Hello,” he said “hello” back “your the real Santa aren’t you”, “of course”, Santa replied back “now go to bed”, “Okay bye”.  The next day was Christmas the three girls ran downstairs opened their presents and ran to their nana house. And lived a happily ever after.

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