The missing crown

The Missing Crown

Once upon a time lived a very strict queen and she had seven children. They were called Ava, Jonas, Charlie, Olivia, Rosina, Lisa, and Bluebell. They had to do one thousand chores a day! Crazy right, well once Ava, who was the sneaky one, she loved her mother’s crown she really wanted to keep it. So she told Olivia and Lisa “let’s get the crown” “no!” said Olivia and Lisa. “Well I’m going to get the crown,” said Ava, so off little Ava went, she picked the gold crown up and ran to her room. Ava put on the crown, CRACK! went the crown “oh no!” Olivia cried ” what shall I do!” So she hid the crown and the broken bits under the bed and ran out of the room. “What was that noise” the queen cried along with Olivia, Lisa, Charlie, Rosina and Jonas, “nothing” Ava shouted. “Where’s my crown!?” Cried the queen. “I don’t know” the seven children replied. “grr……….” shouted the queen. “How am I going to greet people without my crown they will think I’m not the queen” cried the Queen. So Ava told the queen “I broke it and put it under my bed”, “I’m glad that you told the truth,”. Ava gave back the crown back and fixed and they lived happily ever after.

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