Charity Presentations

In Year 2 we have spent the past work in English researching an animal charity in hope that we can persuade our school to support the charity we have chosen.

We started by researching into our charity; finding out what they do, how they help and how we could help them. Look at the booklets we made.

Then we used the information we found out to make a presentation board, choosing the most important facts that we want to share. We had to think of the information that would persuade others to choose our charity.

Finally we presented our boards to the rest of the class, look on your child’s SeeSaw account to see their presentation.

Seaside Art

We have started our new topic ‘By The Sea’ by creating art work for our theme folders.

In art last term we learned the different shading skills we could use to create different effects. We learnt hatching which is lots of lines next to each other, cross hatching which is like hatching but you go over the top the other way, circulism where you move your pencil in a circular motion and stippling which is making lots of little dots.

We explored pressing on our pencil differently to make different shades. When we pressed hard we got a dark shade and when we pressed lightly the shade got lighter.

Here are some of our independent sea creatures using our shading skills.

Class 8

Maps of Thetford Forest

Today in Geography we were looking at how to draw a map and use symbols to show the different features of the area we were looking at. We worked in small groups to create a map of Thetford Forest using the key we made earlier in the week.

We all now know how to make and read a key to help us understand a map.

Here are some photos of us drawing in the trees on our map.

img_0005 img_0001 img_0003

And here are our finished maps!


Next week we are going to be set an independent learning challenge to make our own map of Thetford Forest with a key! Check back next week to see how we do!

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