The National Art Gallery Trip

On the Tuesday 20th November, we went to the National Art Gallery which was in London. The reason why we went to the National Art Gallery is because we needed to see the full painting of the Men at the Docks painting which was our topic this term.

The most interesting and my most favourite painting was the Fighting Temeraire because I really liked the vibrant, colourful sunset. The sunset, which was brilliantly colourful, had a reflection in the beautiful, baby blue ocean and was really detailed. 

The Men at the Docks painting was really dull and was near the docks as I expected. I expected the boats to be on the bottom right side, but instead it was right in front of the men. The man in the dark, gloomy shadows surprised me because I didn’t notice him at first but then suddenly I noticed it and so did everyone else. I also noticed the man that was wearing the royal blue jumper and he was the brightest of all of the men.

My favourite part of the trip was when we were looking at The Men at the Docks painting because I got to explore the painting even more and I discovered lots of fascinating facts about the painting. My second favourite part was relaxing and lounging on the coach, talking to my friends and Fatima was sitting next to me keeping me company.

Our National Gallery trip

On the 20th of November year 6 went on a trip to the National Gallery in London. We have been doing our learning based on the painting “The Men On the docks”So we went there to have a look at the real thing.


The most interesting painting was the one that was a winter day.It had the snow with some tyre tracks in it.There was also two children walking down the road towards a big group of people who were all in a huddle like penguin to stay warm.Over the houses there were a lot of buildings but no skyscrapers so we thought it was a village.This is my favourite painting because you can tell a story by just looking at the painting.


The men at the docks was different in real life because I didn’t think that the titanic like ship in the backround was a boat I thought it was a wall. Once we saw it in person I saw that it was a ship. The painting didn’t look like what I imagined but it was still as great as I though it was.


My favourite part of the trip was when we were just walking around and looking at the paintings.I liked this because it was quiet and calming. Over all we had a great trip and had a lot of fun.

The trip to the National Gallery Museum London.

Oh On the 20th of  November, 2018 we went on the trip to London at 7.45 Am.  It took 3 hours for the coach to get at London because of traffic. We were aiming to see the painting Men Of The Docks, Which is at the National Gallery, We also went to the National Gallery because we also saw Fancy oil-painted paintings like The Fighting Temeraire.

What I thought was my favorite painting was The Fighting Temeraire because the sunset painted was colored nicely, Because the color was bright and the ship was colored like it was fading because the ship was going to be scrapped.

Men Of The Docks Was different than I thought because, all the people were actually looking at someone not at a  fancy item. What I also didn’t expect was that we could be able to see the color more because the oil paintings are easy to see and spot things in the background like the skyscrapers In Men Of The Docks.

One of my favorite part of the trip was when we saw the Men Of The Docks because we were able to see the full picture of it when before we only saw a small part of it. What I also like about the trip was that when we saw The Fighting Temeraire, because the colors were oil pastels and very well painted and lots of detailed things. I liked also we got to buy things at the gift shop because I got a feather pen and a blue humming bird ornament. However,my least favorite bit was at the coach because there was a lot of traffic and it was boring, we had to wait 3 hours and I got sick looking outside. However,the trip was extremely fun!


National Gallery Trip

On Tuesday 20th November at 7:45 we were on our way to the national gallery in London.(It took us 3hours to get there) I was really happy when we arrived at London but it still took another 30 minutes to get there. The reason why we got there is because we are learning about a picture ,which was 100 Year’s old and it was a huge picture,it was called men of the docks it was made by George Bellows

My favourite picture that I looked was a picture about a famous man,who was a really good and famous painter,he had a valuable precious house. The painter was in a carriage with his wife and baby and next to the carriage was a man hunting some animals with his dog

The’Men Of The Docks ‘ looked really  big comparing to the version I saw on the laptop. It was made out of  oil paint and our tour guide gave us a little Skecth and on the sketch had a little feel to it and that was how the actual picture felt like.

My favourite part of the national gallery was looking at all the colerful pictures. Although there  are lots of  boring pictures, I had some I enjoyed. There was a flower one that I liked it because it was bright coulerfuland light. (It took 3hours on the way back)

National gallery in London

On Tuesday 20th 2018 November Year 6 went to the national gallery in London  and looked at some of the paintings there.The picture is ‘Men of the docks’,which was very intresting.The painting “Men of the docks” It was made by an artist called George Bellows,he has made other paintings which are also very realistic and looked like it took a lot of years to make.

The most interesting picture we looked was the mansion picture,It had a dog and a man hunting,a lot of trees,a big mansion with the owners in a cart with his wife and baby.

The ‘Men of the docks’ painting looked much different in real life than on a computer because we got a little touch of a little picture and that is how it felt,it was made from oil paint.

My favourite part of the trip was the hole experience of looking at the paintings  because it was very good art and it looked like it took lots of years to paint also the paintings looked very realistic when they were made from oil paint.

The National gallery

On the 20 th november 2018 we went to the national gallery to see the actual painting of the men at the dock  so we can see the texture and what type of paint george bellows used .The lady ,who guided us,was also talking about why George bellows used a very thick texture. The coach ride was  very long and when we actually got  there I was alredy tired as I didn’t sleep in the coach.

The most interesting painting we looked at is the men at the docks because we really got to see the exact texture and the way george bellows made it stand out than all, the other paintings inside the gallery .Another interesting painting was a really nice painting of a winter scene with two people standing together probaly talking . The painting was made with  the same texture used in the men at the docks to make it look 3d .

The men at the dock was very diffrent than I expected it to be because it was much bigger and more bold than the printed painting on our sheets in art and really on any sheet we have or will have .when I first saw the men at the the dock I was really shocked to see thet it was so massive compared to the printed ones . The mysterious man in the corner of the men at the docks was very sad  and I think he has been badly treated by the rest of the men in the painting unloading the cargo the titanic-sized ship .

My favourite part of the trip was when a really nice lady was explaining about the texture and the way George bellows painted the men at the docks . Then the lady was talking she also explained when then the men at the docks was made and a few things about George bellows . Because the lady lady talked alot we all really wanted our lunch .

Our trip to the National Gallery

Tuesday 20th November

We went to the gallery(in Trafalgar square) to see the Men of the Docks, after we left school at 7:50. Because our topic was take one picturewe were looking at the painting by George Wesley Bellows. At the gallery, we also came to look at 3 other paintings  – another school came as well to the gallery

Out of all the paintings we looked at, my favorite was the fighting temeraire  ; it was painted by Turner. I like it because of the way the artist has blended the colors to create the sunset. My favorite colors of it was the orange, blue and yellowish-red I also like how the sun is setting as it is the end of the day, and how it was the last journey for the fighting temeraire before it will get shredded. It was painted with oil paint because back then they didn’t have tubes of paint like today.

The Men of the Docks was different in real life because I first thought the men were looking at something amazing, which could had been bright, instead it was a shady man in the shadows. It also bewildered me that there was a (textured) outline for the picture. George Bellows even painted it bigger than I thought it would be, as seen from the internet I thought it was small.

My favorite part of the trip to the National Gallery was when we looked at all the paintings because some of the paintings had interesting stories behind them. For example, the Fighting Temeraire  was sailing its last sail before it was going to be destroyed for the wood. I also liked when we looked at the gift shop because all the things there were very interesting; there were mini sketch pads, feather pens, bird ornaments and lots more.

Immigration: Pros




Water crisis

Water can come in lots of places. We have 70 percent of water in the oceans. 1 percent of our water is not in oceans. 2.5 percent of our water is drinkable.

We can find water in many different places. Maybe in a water body, a river or even a marsh. Water can also be in the air known as water vapour.


The Aral sea crisis is known worldwide as killing the sea. It started shrinking in the 1960’s because we blocked the rivers providing the water in it. Since then, the Aral sea has shrunk by 90 percent. It is known as one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters. We all have the power to change. Restore the aral sea.


In less than 30 year the Great Barrier reef lost half of its coral. The plastic we are throwing into the ocean is causing a disease to the coral. The marine biologist have never been this shocked. Most of the pollution is coming from the south  but it used to come from the north.

The hands

These hands are here because it’s a statue in the middle of a small town. The hands are holding a stick (infact a very detailed stick indeed). The hands looks like they are coming out of the ground like he’s found a stick underground. These hands might be a statue of a famous person that’s died and that’s how they remember him or her. These hands are very detailed and old ,they look old because they look like they are a bit ancient and fragile. These hands may be a symbol of slavery. These hands have been here for years.








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