The power of NO

What is consent and permission ?

Consent is when you agree to something like when you allow somebody to do something they want to do but need permission to do it. Permission is when you ask to do something that you are not usually allowed to do.

Its okay to say NO

It okay to say no when and it says to tick some boxes but you dont need to but you can because you are the only that decides who has your personal information and if they can share it to the world or other companies that makes games


One day Zishan gives his friend Maisie his code to enter his world in a game Maisie enters and plays with him the next day there are loads of people in his world including Maisie Zishan is not happy and asks Maisie who all these people are and she says they are friends from his school. Maisie was very unkind to let everyone have Zishans code and she should have asked Zishan if she could share the code but she didn’t. 

Power of no

What is consent and permission?

Consent is when you give permission to someone such as giving someone your personal information,let someone take a picture of you and send it on the iternet and accepting the terms and conditions of a game you want to play.Permission is when you ask someone (like your parents) if you are allowed to do something such as, getting something like a toy or new game,allowd on a app like tik tok and add ons for a game.

It’s okay to say no!

If someone asks you about something it is okay to say no such as the terms and conditions and other things like adding your email in. But  if you get a friend request you don’t have to except 

Example-zishan and masie

There had been an argument between two friends called zishan and maisie.The argument had been over a online game.  (roblox) Zishan had made a game and showed his friend masie. The next day Zishan got on the game but there was 4 people on it, so he asked his masie and she said she only invited her friends but he got angry

By Filip & Alexander


The power of NO!

What is consent and permission?

Consent means when you ask a parent/carer for permission. Permission means when you get consent from a parent/carer to have permission for something

.Its okay to say no.

Its okay to say no sometimes if people are asking for your personal information when you do not want them to know your password or emails  or for people to see your personal information or to see your account when they don’t you to.You need a permission for organisations.

A story about not asking for permission

There was a boy Named Zishan  and a girl Named Maisie and they were playing an online game and Zishan gave Maisie the island code and the next day Maisie told a load of people the island code and they were on the island that Zishan made , Apparently Maisie knew the people but actually they were a bunch of strangers. Maisie made up a lie because she knew that she was going to get told off by him so she made up a lie. The thing that should of happened is that she should of asked Zishan if she could of told other people the island code but he probably would of said yes but he got very mad.

The power of NO

What is consent and permission?

Consent means when you ask your parents / carer for permission.Permission means when you have been given consent from your parents / carer for permission.
It is okay to say no.

Whether it is in school or online it is always okay to say no . This is because if you are told to do something you shouldn’t  , you shall say no . However , sometimes you need to be careful because in school if you are told to do something by a teacher you have to do it . If  you are told to do something without permission by an adult you might get into trouble , even if someone else told you to do it.If a friend asks you for consent on something it is okay to say no ,because it may be wrong . Company’s may ask for permission if your signing up for a game or a shop newsletter .

A story about not asking for permission .

There is a story about a boy called Zishan who shared a code to his friend called Maisie . Maisie shared the code with people Zishan does not know ,Maisie had an excuse it was that they were friends from school but really they were strangers . Zishan said if you asked me then i would of said yes but she did not.

That is why you should always ask for consent .

Made by Jessica .c and Ella.

Power of no

What is consent and permission?

Consent is when you are allowed to do something and permission is when you are allowed to do something, an example of this is if a photo is shown online with the person’s permission.

It’s okay to say no.

It’s okay to say no because sometimes you don’t have to do something that a person is asking you to do. However you can’t sometimes have a choice to say yes or no. Your friends also have to ask permission to do something that involves you like adding a new person in your group or telling your personal details, also some companies have to ask your personal details but you can say no to telling your details.

An example for not asking permission to tell people your friend’s personal information.

A story about not telling permission is a boy called Zishan invited his friend Maisie into his game Maisie she says she likes the world and says for Zishan to be a game designer. The next day, Zishan realises that lots of strangers in his world he asks Maisie why there is so many people in his world, she says that they are friends from school but Zishan is angry that she has not asked for permission to tell people the code to get into Zishan’s world, Zishan says you should have asked for permission instead of inviting people I do not know. This is wrong because Maisie has not asked for permission for people in Zishan’s world. She should have asked for permission from Zishan so he could have said yes or no.

By Ansel and Stefan.

Top Tips For Sats

  1. The first tip is to concentrate and do not  get distracted!
  2. The second tip is it doesn’t matter stress because if you stress it means you will concentrate more and try your hardest.
  3. The third tip is to probably sit on your own because if your do then a high chance is that you will try your hardest and get them correct.
  4. The fourth tip is to NOT look at ANYONE’S WORK because if you copy their work then you do not  know if they got it wrong 
  5. The last and final tip is to keep on checking your work so when the teachers check it you might get a little bit wrong if you neck it .

Macbeth seeing the ghost of King Duncan

In the bright torch-lit dining hall all the lords and ladies were having a feast. King Macbeth was enjoying some meat when suddenly, in a wooden empty chair a faint misty image appeared. The ghost-man was covered in crimson red blood and had rich lord’s clothes. Macbeth was ignoring this at first but then he was filled with guilt, he realised the ghost was King Duncan. Repeatedly, he rubbed his eyes, trying to get the figure out of sight, yet the ghostly image did not disappear. Lady Macbeth, who was getting annoyed with Macbeth rubbing his eyes, told all the lords and ladies, Macbeth had a condition so she could stop them from being suspicious of Macbeth. However, that all changed when Macbeth’s colour in his skin disappeared  and he raised a long trembling finger and pointed at the empty chair and whispered in a faint voice, 

He’s there.” many lords and ladies stood away from Macbeth and Lady Macbeth took him away by his robe, however, Macbeth screamed.

Do you not see him? There is a man sitting on that chair!” Lady Macbeth took Macbeth away to their room and she had a furious look in her eyes.

“Are you trying to make people afraid of you?” She yelled, Macbeth shook his head in despair over his wife. He felt guilty about King Duncan and thought how King Duncan was a good friend to him, he hallucinated the dagger the same way as he saw the ghost of King Duncan and he dreamed about if the king was still alive. 

When Macbeth meets the witches again

In the dark stormy heath, Macbeth trudged on to find the same area where he met the witches. He hoped they would tell him what would happen now that he killed King Duncan and Banquo. A flash of smoke clouded him, as Macbeth pulled out his sword, three hunched figures came out of the mist with their bubbling, steamy cauldron.

Macbeth, King of Scotland, no woman born person may kill you.” Croaked one of the witches as they had disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

“King Macbeth, you need to watch out when the forest moves or you will perish.” Groaned the second witch, as she had turned into the shadows and vanished.

“Macbeth, you need to watch out for the warrior named Macduff.”Proclaimed the third witch, as she dissolved into the ground and was not seen again. Macbeth wondered to himself, he needed to kill Macduff. In order to be safe, Macbeth hired 2 assassins to kill Macduff and his family, as he thought how much power and land he had.

This half term in art we have learnt about the painting called Men At The docks .In one of the lessons we listened to the back ground music to give us an idea in my head of what is happening in the picture.

The magnificent Men At The Docks painting was painted by George Bellows. It was painted in 1912 and the painting took a year and a half. 

I like the Men At The Docks painting because it shows history and immigration.I like the different textures of the painting.The paintings colours are unique and make the painting stand out.

men of the dockes

On Tuesday 20  November  we visited  London,the  national gallery, in Trafalgar square.  we went there because we wanted to see the Men of the Docks painting by George Bellows. The bus trip was really  long, because there  was a lot of traffic,that is  why we were really late.The bus was a very long drive to London it was a bit boring  because I had nothing to do when we were on the bus I was just talking to Jay.

The most intresting part was the picture,because it was massive, and I did not know it was going to be that big. Men of the Docks was the most best painting. Wwhen I saw it, I did not notice there was a  broken boat. The painting was very dark .

My favourite part of the trip was the Men of the Docks painting because it was really big. I also liked the horse painting because it was realistic , massive and it looked like it was jumping out at me.

I liked the trip because it was fun ,although it was a very long day .

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