what is consent and permission?

Consent is when you allow or agree to do something and permission is when your asking for their consent. 

                               It is okay to say no

When your online it is your choice whether or not you accept their terms and conditions if it has something to do with your personal information. A lot of the times you have to accept the games or websites terms and conditions but you also should read terms and conditions because they could give out a load of your information that you might not want to be given out. 

                             Example: Zishan and Maisie 

In an online game, a boy named Zishan made a zone that he was really proud of. Zishan shared the code with his friend Maisie but she decided to betray him. She shared the code with a bunch of her friends from school. Maisie did not have permission to share the code because Zishan may of not wanted anyone else to come in his zone. If Zishan asked for permission he may of said yes but Maisie did the wrong thing. Next time she should ask Zishan then share the code instead of just doing it when no one said she could.