What is consent and permission ?

Consent is when you agree to something like when you allow somebody to do something they want to do but need permission to do it. Permission is when you ask to do something that you are not usually allowed to do.

Its okay to say NO

It okay to say no when and it says to tick some boxes but you dont need to but you can because you are the only that decides who has your personal information and if they can share it to the world or other companies that makes games


One day Zishan gives his friend Maisie his code to enter his world in a game Maisie enters and plays with him the next day there are loads of people in his world including Maisie Zishan is not happy and asks Maisie who all these people are and she says they are friends from his school. Maisie was very unkind to let everyone have Zishans code and she should have asked Zishan if she could share the code but she didn’t.¬†