On Tuesday 20  November  we visited  London,the  national gallery, in Trafalgar square.  we went there because we wanted to see the Men of the Docks painting by George Bellows. The bus trip was really  long, because there  was a lot of traffic,that is  why we were really late.The bus was a very long drive to London it was a bit boring  because I had nothing to do when we were on the bus I was just talking to Jay.

The most intresting part was the picture,because it was massive, and I did not know it was going to be that big. Men of the Docks was the most best painting. Wwhen I saw it, I did not notice there was a  broken boat. The painting was very dark .

My favourite part of the trip was the Men of the Docks painting because it was really big. I also liked the horse painting because it was realistic , massive and it looked like it was jumping out at me.

I liked the trip because it was fun ,although it was a very long day .