On the Tuesday 20th November, we went to the National Art Gallery which was in London. The reason why we went to the National Art Gallery is because we needed to see the full painting of the Men at the Docks painting which was our topic this term.

The most interesting and my most favourite painting was the Fighting Temeraire because I really liked the vibrant, colourful sunset. The sunset, which was brilliantly colourful, had a reflection in the beautiful, baby blue ocean and was really detailed. 

The Men at the Docks painting was really dull and was near the docks as I expected. I expected the boats to be on the bottom right side, but instead it was right in front of the men. The man in the dark, gloomy shadows surprised me because I didn’t notice him at first but then suddenly I noticed it and so did everyone else. I also noticed the man that was wearing the royal blue jumper and he was the brightest of all of the men.

My favourite part of the trip was when we were looking at The Men at the Docks painting because I got to explore the painting even more and I discovered lots of fascinating facts about the painting. My second favourite part was relaxing and lounging on the coach, talking to my friends and Fatima was sitting next to me keeping me company.