On Tuesday 20th  November we went on a trip to the National Gallery in London to look at many fascinating painting. We left at 7:45 and arrived at 11:00, it was a long trip. Our year group went to see the painting named Men at the Docks to do with our term topic.

In my opinion the most interesting painting i saw was the painting that was called The fighting Temeraire. The reason why i liked it was because it had a really effective sunset that looked very realistic. The fighting temeraire was painted with oil paint. The painting, The fighting Temeraire, made me feel like i was actually at the scene where it was painted  because of the position that the boat was put in. The sun set gave me an impression of heavon because it had used the coloures that i would imagine heaven would be. The fighting temeraire, which was extremely beautiful, was painted by terner. However, this painting is now in The National Gallery.

The men of the Docks, our topic painting, was a shock because it was really overwhelming because of the gigantic size. When our tour gide first took us over to see the painting i felt like it was jaw dropping moment. We got asked many questions about what we thought. Before i arrived i thought it was really small but when i saw it i felt relived because i got to see the painting all put together instead of just pieces of it. At first i thought that the metal part of the boat was a wall because you couldn’t see the top bit of the Titanic-like ship.

My favourite part of the trip was walking about slowly so we got to see many magnificent and majestic paintings. All of the paintings were different sizes and a wide range of colours. Some painting were just of a background and some others were of people. In the trip i akso enjoyed going to the gift shop and seing many different toys and pens and much more. In the National Gallery shop there were mini painting of the ones we saw as we were slowly walking about.