As soon as, I got off the coach and entered the national gallery I was amazed because of how good the paintings were.After we entered the gallery we got put into groups and that meant we would stay with that teacher or a TA for the rest of the day.I was with Mrs Leonard. We went on Tuesday the 20th of November, we went because we were in art we were learning about the painting men of the docks.

The most interesting painting we looked at in the gallery was the fighting temeraineand that was by Turner.I liked this painting because it has lots of relaxing colours. The painting had a sunset in it and a lovely ship sailing away. It also looked like it was made out of oil paint because it was very shiny

After a while me and my group went to see the men of the docks. This painting looked very different in real life because on a screen the colours weren’t clear enough and when you see it in real life you can actually see the effort the painter has put in it. I was shocked when i saw the size of the painting. 

My favourite part of the trip was going to the gift shop because there was so much to see such as the outstanding stationery.My favourite part was also when we saw a painting that was made in a snowy place.I could see how much effort the painter put in because there was lots of nice detail.

I really enjoyed going to the phenomenal national art gallery.