On Tuesday the 20 th of November in London. we went because we were learning about men of the docks and they had the same picture we have been learning about  .As entered the extraordinary building I could see marble walls and marble floors . After we got in we put are coats and bags away Although ,it was very busy , we managed to put our stuff away.

After we got out of the cloak room we got onto groups with a teacher or a TA and I was with miss A and we stayed with them all day .we walked to were the toilets were and we got into a line and some people went upstairs with a tour person but we went down stairs with a different tour lady.

The most interesting painting we looked out was a snow painting by someone called Ruben and it was very detail because the tour lady said “it is very hard to draw snow because it is very white” so it was a very hard to draw . The reason I liked it because it reminded of Christmas because the snow.

The men of the docks painting was very different because when we all saw it on a computer we could not see the way they painted it and the detail . The paint the artist used was mixed with oil so it was a bit like butter and we got to feel how it would of felt like on a different peace of paper so we did not make the real one dirty . We also got to see what the people were looking at and it looked like the men were being rude and made the other man sad.

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to the gift shop we got to get some fun toys and stationery . I got a sharpener and a rubber connected and a buteafull pencil . I also loved when we looked at the snow painting because it was my favourite painting. 

That was what happed on my amazing school trip to the outstanding national gallery in London