tunnel scene caroline

One night Caroline was sleeping and woke up from a squeaking noise under her bed. She looked under and found a mouse. Then! Mysteriously the mouse ran out of the room, so she followed it. When she was on the stair case she looked out of the window, seeing a spiral going around and around. She followed the mouse further. Then the mouse went into little door that she never noticed before, she was amazed! She opened the little door and found a tunnel. The wind was whistling through the tunnel. When she went in, it just went silent, hearing nothing each way around her. When she came to the other side, she opened the door and found herself in an identical world of her house.

Great descriptions today and you’ve led the reader through the scene using adverbials and conjunctions.

To uplevel this writing now, add some descriptions of how Coraline is feeling- is she excited and happy to go into this new world or is she worried and anxious about it?

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