Coraline in the world of wonder!

As Coraline stepped down the dark spooky corridor filled with cob webs and spiders she headed to the kitchen, she had a weird feeling in her stomach, but she took a deep breath and gulped hard so she kept on going. She had to take one more step until she was in the scary dull kitchen, she took one big step and she just stood in the very creepy door way and looked at the other mother straight into her face. She had a very sketchy feeling when she was walking down the disgusting corridor and she was right there was something off, as she looked into to her “other” mothers scary face she saw something that really freaked her out. Coraline started to feel funny in her stomach she got really scared when she saw her “other” mother had big black buttons as her eyes, Coraline told her that she is not her mother because her mother doesn’t have buttons but she was so scared she couldn’t speak properly. For the first time, in her life she saw something as frightening as someone with big black buttons on their eyes. Coraline looked like she couldn’t move or speak so was in such shock. Coraline thought that this place was amazing and fun but it’s all different. Coraline “other” mother told her to go get her “other” father for dinner, he also had buttons, everyone who lived there had buttons on their eyes even Coraline dolly she went to bed with. Just as she was thinking at the dinner table how fun it is here her “other” parents lifted put her plate of food and handed her a cake which said “welcome home Coraline.” After they had finished their dinner Coraline’s “other” told her she can step here but she only has to do one thing, and that one thing was to put buttons on her eyes. 

A very descriptive passage, Livia. For this scene, I think Coraline is very happy and excited about this new, colourful world until she realises the mother has buttons for eyes. It’s at this point she realises it is not a nice place. Please go back through and begin by using positive descriptions of the place. Then when Coraline meets her “other” mother, then you can describe the unsettling, uncomfortable feelings, which you have created perfectly but at the start. 

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