Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous even if it could help them one day?

Surprisingly,this king had gifted his children a pet dragon for their birthday.Although the dragon could be dangerous,the king made a decision to give it to them.As the king knew the twins would rule one day,he thought the dragon was a good gift to them.We will be answering the question”Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous even though it could help them one day?”

Sometimes giving a pet dragon to people could help them however,sometimes it won’t help them.I think it is not good to gift the children a pet dragon.This is because the dragon could get angry and hurt the children,king and everyone else in the castle.This could happen if he”the dragon” is not trained well so something bad could happen.It could help them one day but it could also do some bad things.Would you gift your children a dangerous pet even though it could help them one day.?

By answering this question,I don’t think it is okay to gift them a dangerous pet.Even though it could help them one day,the pet is still dangerous.Is this how you would protect yourself?I disagree because the dragon has fire that could burn important things.Although the dragon has fire,it could burn down the kingdom and they will have no where to live.This is why there are reasons why you should not give your children a dangerous pet.

I understand that this could help them one day,but I gave my reasons why it is not okay to give children a dangerous pet.It seems like the king thinks it is a good gift to his children so that they could proctect themselves one day.Do you think it is a good gift?

Some good points in this discussion text, Evelyne. You have shown a range of year 6 writing skills today and produced an excellent discussion piece.  It was an enjoyable read too!



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