This is me by Livia

Although I do not often talk about it, I have quite a few talents. One talent I have is making my friends and family laugh at school.  I normally joke and make my friends laugh because I don’t want to be made fun of by people I do not play with at school. I have always loved making my friends laugh because I don’t like seeing my friends sad. Even when my friends are crying, I try to make them laugh by telling them a joke that I hope will make them stop crying. I think I get my sense of humour from both of my parents but I can be a bit shy around new people. Around my friends I feel more secure when I’m saying a joke of making them laugh because I know they won’t make fun of me because they find me funny. Since I can’t tell them jokes face to face now I try to make my friends laugh when I’m on FaceTime with them. Another one of my talents is doing tricks on the trampoline.  I have always liked trying new flips and tricks since I have gotten a new trampoline. I found it very fun to do in the summer holidays and I have gotten better over time because at the start I couldn’t land a front flip or a front hand spring but after some time of practicing I have been able to land both of these tricks on a trampoline. Now, I find the front tricks very easy to land and do them but I have always wanted to do backflips and back hand springs. I have found these tricks very fascinating to watch on YouTube because they look cool and I have always wanted to try to do them. I watch a lot of tutorials on how to do them. I also have one more talent and it’s building. In the future I would love to be an architect because I find designing houses very fascinating; not only to do but also watch videos about designing. I like to build in a game I play and the houses normally turn out nice if I put my mind to it. In my opinion, I think when you build, it uses a lot of your time which makes you less bored  and it also calms you down. The best thing about it is that you can build any house your imagination holds.

I have many loves and passions. I love to bake with my family as it makes me really happy and I find baking really fun to do because, at this type of time, we can get very bored and we have nothing to do. When I bake with my family, it makes me happy and I feel less bored, which is good. I also love colouring because it calms me down but, it is much more fun when you’re doing it with some friends or family. Over the summer holidays, I loved going out with my friends to the park for a couple of hours and just hanging out. This made me really happy because I got to spend quality time with my friends. I love it when my friends and my family come around to my house to spend some time  and we get to play together. When my family and friends are not able to come over, I still spend time with them either or the phone or I play games with them, such as Fortnite or Roblox. I really enjoy playing games with my friends because when I can’t see them I’m still able to contact them and play some games with them. I do agree hanging out with friends and family face to face instead of games and FaceTiming is way more fun.

I’m only eleven at the moment, but when I’m older I have many dreams and hopes I would like to achieve. I have always wanted to learn how to drive as I have always found it interesting. It has always been my dream to  have my own car and drive to places on my own or with my friends and family. I want to learn how to drive as soon as possible because I want to feel the feeling of being able to drive to any places you want. I am also interested in cars, which makes me want to drive even more! I have many dreams and another one of them is getting my dream job which is being an architect (I find building and designing houses very fascinating and calming.) At the moment, I can not be an architect because I’m not old enough yet, so I play this game where you can build any type of house you want and that your imagination holds. That’s why I love architecture so much, because you are free to design whatever you want if your designing something for yourself. If you are designing something for someone else instead of you, you need to listen to what your clients imagination holds instead of yours which is still very fun to do because you’re not doing it for yourself. you’re doing it for someone else. I would also love to do that with a passion because I would love to see what other people’s style in architecture is. If I do get my dream job, then I would love to design my own house.

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