How to survive lockdown

            How to survive lockdown

    Since the UK has entered lockdown in 23rd March, many people are wondering how to survive 
lockdown. This text will give you information about what you need to do in order to get through
lockdown without being infected of coronavirus.
    The first step is to always stay at home, you have heard the NHS say, "Stay home, save
lives." several times. This is because you might have coronavirus in the past 2 weeks without
knowing and can infect about 3 people! Imagine the whole human population going outside if they
are infected (1,000,000), that will be 3 million people infected and they will not know! Make 
sure to stay away 2 meters from people as the NHS suggests, this will make the dust particles 
not reach you.

    But what if you need to desperately go outside? The NHS says you are allowed to go outside
if it is desperate. This includes: going grocery shopping, doing exercise or essential travel.
But do not go outside to visit family or friends as they may have Covid-19 without knowing!
My advice is to only go shopping twice a week, as many grocery stores might be crowded.

   How do I prevent it? First of all, drinking water will help you stay hydrated. Next, do not
forget you can stay in touch with family and friends over the phone or on social media, to help
you avoid feeling low or lonely. After that, try to build hobbies. You can cook, practice
a new instrument or try new activities. Do enough exercise, if you feel well.
   What are the symptoms of Covid-19? The first symptom is showing high temperature, this
means it is hot to touch your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature.)
Second is a continuous cough, you may have these at-least 3 times a day as a cough episode or
coughing for more than an hour. A shortness of breath is common with these symptoms, that means
you will have difficulty breathing. Many serious cases may lead to pneumonia, which can cause

Daivam, you know lots about the coronavirus and have written these well in this piece. You have 
organised your work into paragraphs and into sentence clusters about the same subject. Well done!

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