Trip to the national gallery

On Tuesday 20 November 2018, year 6 went to the the national gallery. As soon as we stepped into the gallery,I noticed that they have a surprising amount of original paintings. When we started to walk around the gallery, there were a lot of strange paintings. I can’t remember the name of the first painting we look at but it was a grassy area with a city in the background.

My favourite part was when we got to look around at all the paintings. I later realised that most of the artist gave their paintings to the gallery.

The second painting was called The fighting Temraire,which was painted by Tuner. This was my favourite painting because it has a big story to it. In school, we were learning about the men of the docks and that is why we went to it afterwards. Seeing the whole picture was breath taking because I had no clue what it would look like. When I saw it, I noticed a lot of things that I didn’t before such as, a man in the shadows, the boat wasn’t the titanic although it was painted during the same year as the titanic was made. Also there were no women because they wasn’t allowed jobs when it was painted.

I enjoyed spending time with my class mates because we got to chat on the 3 hour journey there and back. The reason we went is because we wanted to learn more about the painting. Paintings like The fighting Temeraire has lots of calm colours. I think this because it is like a heaven for a ship as there is a broken one with a ghost version of it. Every one was getting tired so we went back to H.P.S and waited for our parents to pick us up from school.

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