Diary of the wimpy kid the long hall!

The thing that happens in the film was at the start everyone was excited because they were going on a road trip but it ended up in a complete disaster because everything was going wrong with Gregory and Rodrick like the first hotel on the way to south america was a really really trampy hotel with disgusting bugs all over the bathroom floor and there was a horrible family next door that was making a big racket so Greg went outside in his underwear telling them to stop but they wouldn’t listen that hotel was a disaster.

Also the characters were the mum and dad the wimpy kid that rights the book Gregory the big brother rodrick and the littlest brother was called Manny and the pig was the cutest one and the weird beardo and my favorite ones were Gregory Rodrick Manny and the cute pig.

 My favroute part was when rodrick and greg got given a shopping list and rodrick snatched the money and went in the shop and brought aloud of junk food like microvave pizza cheese curls fanta and bubblegum and rodrick faught the safe was a microvave and he out it in and it locked so he ate the cheese curls and bubblegum.

I recomend this film to everyone because its not rude and most people would really really like this film i rate it 5/5 so please watch thus movie!!!


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