Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul (IT WAS SO FUNNY)

The start was funny it was when a family went to a fast food restaurant then the little boy can’t remember his name but he went on the play area and shouted help on the slide to ball pit pit and the normal boy came to help the little boy slides down the slide to mom then the normal boy slides down lands in the ball pit then he looked for the little boy by fishing with his hand the last one he picked was A DIAPER and everyone videoed it and put it on youtube

Then everyone called him “diaper hands”

it was too funny(laughing emoji)

Then the family went home and then started a 4 day road trip in the car with a boat as a trailer for so much things the start of the road trip when the boys were playing on phones the big boy was texting then mom says “no internet boys put it in the bag”

they said “COME ON” except the little boy he put the toy phone in the bag so the boys did then mom says “you can read a book or do drawings” but the normal boy says “READ A BOOK” so he did and then they were going on a highway the big boy wrote on cardboard and put it on the window it said ” HELP R KIDNAPPING US”

then they were pulled over by the police and the big and normal boy got told off

then they carried on driving they passed by restaurants then mom gave them a happy meal like mc Donald’s but moms meal

after that they went to spend the first night in a 4 star hotel its was peaceful until some kids banged a cleaners trolley against walls the normal boy came out and he said ”STOP IT” a girl said ”no why dont you put some pants on” IT WAS PURE FUNNY then they bashed it on to a van and made a bump this man called ‘beardy man’ said ‘MY VAN!!!!!!!’ the girl blamed the normal boy when she did it HOW RUDE SHE SHOULD BE A BIT HONEST there

then the normal boy went in the wrong room he slept in beardy mans room the next morning he fell in a fight but managed to escape to his room 5 doors left then mom said ‘where have you been’ the normal boy said ‘i went to go for a walk’ mom said ‘IN THE NIGHT?! YOUR GROUNDED FOR A HOUR’ how sad the normal boy got grounded any ways lets move on when they carry on the journy

they got on another highway and then the boat cover got opened everything blew off woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh BAM CRASH!! mom was sad and they loaded the boat while beardy man stole almost everything they went to another hotel and found beardy man’s  van they took whatever is theirs from the van while the normal boy used beardy man’s toilet

beardy man came the boy hid in the shower and the switch fell off and they had a fight beardy man slipped when he got sprayed by shampoo from the boy then he went to the car then they left with beardy man shouting ‘ILL GET YOU NEXT TIME!’

They got back on the other highway to a fun fare they enjoyed it the little boy won a pig A REAL LIFE PIG NO JOKES

the normal and big boy went on a spinny thing beardy man came on too to get  the normal boy he climbed  above the others while spinning the big boy VOMITED AND THE VOMIT LANDED ON BEARDY MAN IT WAS SO FUNNY (TRIPLE LAUGHING EMOJI)

the normal and big boy went to their family to carry on mom liked it when the little boy won a pig then they got in the car to carry on in the car  THE BOY WAS PEEING IN THE BOTTLES (1,000,000 LAUGHING EMOJIS)  then the pig was pooping  in  the potty everyone looked out of the window after mom said to the normal boy ‘the pig is more potty trained than you’ IT  WAS  EXTREME FUNNY.

then the pig was causing trouble in the car INSANE ISNT IT?!then they spent another night in the hotel the next morning the little boy was feeding the pig all the food saying ‘i love you piggy’ awwwwwwww then they  went in the car to carry on they went to the petting zoo to give away the pig the little boy cried (crying emoji) they  carried on the road trip then the normal boy changed the satnav  to the place called ‘X-PLAYER’ mom saw in news then she went and the normal boy got grounded for life R.I.P then  he replied ‘if you did not take our phones then i wouldnt have came here’ mom said ‘here take my phone play  your games’ then they went in the car went on the highway dad says ‘5 minutes till party started’ mom said ‘ITS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU NORMAL BOY’ it was intense then they started at full speed they went up a steep hill and the  engine  backfired mom said ‘what are we gonna do now’ the normal boy said ‘we will push  the car and dad drives’ so they pushed and got on the normal boy was too late so he went on the boat in cock pit and then the trailer was de-atchted  and he went past the car mom saw him then he crashed but the boat flew out and landed in the pool of their destination  their friend’s party their friend said ‘WHAT A SUPRISE’ then mom said ‘are you ok?’ to the normal boy he said ‘yes im fine’ so they carried on with the party and then they thought of how to get home then a pick up truck came it had a spanish driver and the little boy knew spanish so he said (subtitles for the spanish language) ‘our car is broken down we could really use your help please’ then he gave directions back to the petting zoo then he got his pig that he won earlier it was so CUTE the pig jumped into his hands as the little boy hugged him and span around they got home (THE END hope you enjoyed)


at the start the teachers told some questions to awnser while writing the blog the whole year group did it Mr Quinlan was expecting at least 500 or 200 words  but i forgot the questions that they told us to awnser while doing this blog but i wonder what Mr Quinlan will say about this blog?

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