Leavers assembly letter

My time at HPS has been a special place because all the amazing memories I have had and all the great teachers who have worked with. In my opinion I think this school is the best school because all the fabulous trips they give us and all the amazing lessons we have had.  My favourite memory is going to Leister space station and I was with Alfie and I will never forget this moment in my life as it was fascinating.

This special place ……

My friends and TA’s such as Miss Ross, Mrs Kelly and many more ,that have helped me with my work and my worries because sometimes I worry. And my friends have helped me think that sometimes this school can really help me after all and that’s made me forget about them and that’s made me feel more comfortable to work and get more work done. My favourite memory was the  time when we went to see Punch and Judy it was so fun I laughed the whole way through and the funny part was when the crocodile ate the sausage  and punch .🙂

Leaver Blog

My favorite memory is at lunch when Caleb was trying to open his Frube. But he couldn’t so he slammed it on the table and it explode all over him.

My favorite play was in year 3 and it was called “How Rudolph got his red nose” and I was reindeer 5 so I had a main part which I like being in a play.

I will miss all the good times we have had here.

I wish luck to all the people who are at here and are going to go here.

Leavers assembly paragraph

I will always remember HPS because it was where I grew from a toddler until an older child and I spent 6 years of my life in this wonderful community where I where I met friends, who are now my best friends .

levers assemberly

My favorite memory is when me and my friend make films because it so special when we do it because we have so much fun when doing it. The reason we have so much fun doing it because I am with my friends band we can do pretty much any thing we like doing what ever  we desire when we do it

I will miss every body moving up to different years. I will miss the teachers and the staff  also every body in this school including people at school when they move up to the different years

My favorite memory is when Mrs  Kelly on her birthday went on the table and started to dance. Then every body  laughed and had a good time. I thank  all the T.A’s , Mis Ross and Miss Lenord and Mis Murrayy


In HPS  my favorite  memory was when Caleb was opening his yoghet and it went on himself and we laughed together.

Special place

Most of the things we’ve done at HPS is fun all through my 4 months here  I have learned that I should use:pride,resilience e.c.t HPS is a school of learning and fun times. The things I will miss are my teachers and the friends I’ve lost and gained on the way. My favetout memory was joining and getting used to the safe and happey envirment of HPS school finally I’d like to say that I will hate to leave the new school I enjoy.

leavers blog

I have been at this school for 6 years  I will miss Miss Ross and  and Miss Kelly and Miss Mac. When Miss Kelly  was jumping on the table then she stared to dance. 

This school has tought me so many things through the past years, helping me in tough times,like a family to me. I’ll miss apically Miss Ross,  Mr Q and Mr G.  I’ll miss them all and will always be some were in my heart.

my name is Robbie

My name is Robbie and I am a ordinary kid, Ive been through hard times, but it’s over now, I’m okay. In my spare time I play rugby. All though I struggle at times, I carry on. I live with my Mum, Step Dad, My Sisters , My 2 cats; Romeo and Mercutio. I like to play video games with Harry and I told him this joke: some one stole my Xbox but my Mum tried to “console” me… get it? As you see i’m the class clown but some of my jokes are terrible. :,-( I play pvz garden warfere 2. Im not a fan of reading i miss reading but my aim is getting better.Normaly every year i go to Hunstanton for a holiday but i hope you all get to know you all


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