Friends reining coming back to school new and exciting topics really the same every thing has change as pupils have theme returned to school. Theme has flown by as Pupils approved. The half term break yet  COVID 19 is still here in the uk 6 months has past it is difficult.

On March 20th lockdown – all schools closed down happened all schools closed down all over the uk schools sent out work for the children of all of the schools so Boris Johnson announced that COVID 19 has caused a corona lock down and said no one is allowed at schools on June some schools let bubbles in school so they can do some work in school in school it’s some people liked it but some other people didn’t like it. There were screens in front of every one at .Break time and lunchtime.

you could not touch nothing at tall and before school came back every one was home learning all children did home learning for people fort it was hard but they got it a lot but some schools’ got Covid 19. September 2nd schools Have  fully opened Where every child came back to school.After a long time of children not going to schools many parents felt worried that there children are going back to school . About from Huntingdon primary school .Said I don’t want to go school many some felt the same way I felt I was excited to go back to school because I could see my friends. Another child reported from Thomas age 11


pupils and parents feel scared about children returning back to school because of COVID 19 However the first half term was okay