Children across the whole world have returned back to school, friends reunited, new and exciting topics -Does this really still feel the same? After months of national school closures, in September the children finally were allowed to return and start learning once again.

Even though coronavirus is still raging across the world, the government had safely returned children back to school in their New Years with their new teachers. In reality, what do you believe about the governments choice and how the have planned to keep this all the same?.

On March 20th, schools across the whole globe had been demanded to shut down schools due to COVID-19. The impact of the virus was robust. There is trepidation over the impact of the virus on children’s education, also how it would affect them. In the mean time, children’s whose parents were key-workers or in a specific year groups were able to return back to school. The schools were changed and measures have been put in place such as, in corridors arrows were put down to prevent children and adults being face-to-face. Also Perspex screens have been placed to stop children being directly opposite each other. Children were also taught in ‘class bubbles’ with the learning being restricted to one environment within school. The guidance form the guidance from the government and pupils around was to keep  two metres apart (6 feet). Boris Johnson announced, “We are now making progress  in this incredible nation wide battle against coronavirus!” However, now the first half-term is coming to a close, how have parents, teachers and children found these changes?

After the prolonged period away from school, many children were initially  anxious about their return to school. One pupil insisted, “ I felt apprehensive when returning back to school but at the same time I was extremely delighted to be welcomed back to school!” An Abundance of children echoed this feeling Of anxiety throughout the first week. Teachers also I had a mixture of feelings,One teacher stated, “I was looking forward to have a whole class of children again however, I did feel nervous about keeping the children safe.” It seems for  any pupils that nerves have dissipated as parents are exclaiming, “I feel sorry for my child to go back to school with all of the new rules.”Also, many children have seemed to settle into school life and I’m making really  good progress so far.

Pupils, parents and staff are incredibly positive about the return back to school and learning in our own learning spaces yet again after the long wait. However with corona virus, we will have to stay two metres and keep ourselves safe.Children have went back positively  and have got a incredible amount of fantastic work being done!