Throughout the U.K. children have returned to school, teachers preparing, learning mode on-but is this safe? After a whole six months of home learning , we are finally allowed to go back to classrooms and COVID is no longer holding us hostage. Schools have adapted and made adjustments so children have been able to return and stop home learning. They have now returned for a whole half term-that’s a whole month! However, how are the children feeling about this?

On March 20th 2020, due to the nationwide lockdown beginning all schools were forced into nationwide closure causing pupils to begin home learning which made some children to feel trepidation because they thought they would not get any input and not being able to work properly. Despite this continuing on for six months, schools formed many restrictions such as: following one way systems, no physical contact protective screens social distancing and constant hand washing. After a couple of months, some schools re opened in bubbles of equal people to minimise the quantity of bacteria to not have COVID spread in schools. On September 2nd 2020 schools re opened allowing pupils to educate properly


As children return, they have their own opinion for schools re opening. One child quoted ,”I don’t like the rules schools placed.” Another child stated,”although the rules have been placed we still have a chance of getting coronavirus.”Now let’s hear from so Huntingdon primary school teachers miss ruff reported,”I felt  very excited to be with a whole class once again, but I’m also nervous about keeping them safe.”

Pupils, parents and staff are incredibly positive about the return to school, but there are a few questions being asked such as will schools be able to stay open? Are children fated to go back into home learning? the only way to find out is to wait for the future.