Children are back on track, lockdown is over, getting new rules felling worried- But what is it safe? After months of learning at school in lockdown, in September children finally returning to school learning with their teachers and friends to educate better in school. While the COVID pandemic still holds the county, school have been able to invite children to come back safely by not touching supplies that are not theirs. Keeping their distance and not to get sick, the schools adapt to the new normal by the government.


On March 20th, schools across the county had to transform into lockdown by the government prime minister Boris Johnson to keep us safe because of a new virus called the coronavirus (COVID-19). Instead of doing nothing, teachers have been sending homework in so children can learn but at home. Learning at home was very hard for some children. As children work, adults also had to work at the same time that’s why it was tricky. Similarly to children, teachers also had to work in school and to keep safe they had to keep their distance and to wash their hands every time when they touch something, before eating and going outside.

Before this virus, children have been learning super differently because they did not have a screen protectors, not washing hands a lot, touching each other and no distancing. They always take our folders home but this time they did not take them home early to show their parents what they have been doing in their year.when children returned to schools in September 2nd they saw so much supplies that they did not have. Now the rules are staying their distance, not touching each other to not get sick, screen protectors (Perspex)and washing their hands all the time and following the arrows. But how are children feeling?


After the prolonged period alway from school, many children were anxious to return to school. One student explained “I felt excited because I was going to see my friends and worried because SATS is  next year and when we came back to school we did some tests.” This was the opinion of children that had different feelings. Many children were confused. On the first day of school children are being faced with the hardest challenges of COVID around schools. A teacher from HPS school has replied “I felt happy to come back to school to see the children and my work colleagues.” Although teachers  felt that way, some felt anxious to teach. Lockdown felt very hard to work because of distractions and missing friends. Harper quoted “I felt. Confused  because I did not know what was going on.”

pupils, parents and staff Are all incredibly positive about returning to school, with everyone share their feelings and opinions. However, with COVID cases they will begin to rise across the country, and new measures to place around school to keep safe. Teachers will continue  to support children with learning  of what the future may hold next.