Author: 13saoirsec

The forest 500 word story

A girl named Kelly moved to a new city with her family. She is not a fan of the cold weather so she was not happy . Kelly ,who has brown hair and a pink dress ,lived in a small cottage but now she lived in a huge house with her mum,dad and her grandma. She was having fun one day around the trees near her house, When a girl younger than her called out saying that she needs to come to her. Kelly didn’t care she hardly even cared about her parents, but the girl just told her the story. Kelly had that she was playing hide and seek but she heard her mum coming so she had to run into the forest. Her mum had not seen her go so they had to call her but she was in the forest of secrets her new friend went in to find her but she couldn’t get out. they finally met up and munched on some blueberries in the bushes but they were bird berries so they tried to find more food but couldn’t so they had a head ache.The girls had a lay down. They suddenly saw red beams striking at them the saw them self’s being chased by a beast with red fur. When they had escaped they were still being chased the animal told them about the time chaser and how he can send you back in time.He gave them some gear to chase the chaser. The girls had given a siren. The time chaser found them and sent them back in time to the chase luckily they took gear and destroyed the time chaser .

Will he return…

The cirulartory system by saoirse

13th January 2020

what is your heart?

Your entire system gets blood pumps from your heart. your heartΒ  is the most important organ in your body. did you know that your heart beats more than 10000 times a day. your heart is the leader of your organs and keeps the blood for your body. your heart carries about 2.5000 a day.

Your veins carries oxygenated blood and your arteries carries deoxygenated blood. Your heart can move on its own were as all of your other organs need help from your heart. the blood cells starts in the right atrium and then travel through the left atrium. the reason that the circulatory system is called that is because the system moves in a circle.