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The tunnel (Setting description)

Coraline and her family have just moved house into a cold, old and eerie place. Coralline was determined to have a look around her new house. She decided to look in all the rooms and as she was looking she had not been successful to find anything new and interesting. That was until she came across an empty room. At first she did not think anything of it that wasn’t till she inspects further. After she moved an unusual looking cabinet, she found a secret room.

After some hesitation, she opens the little door. To her surprise, there was a beautifully colourful and interesting tunnel/slide. She decided to go down as she thought what could be the worst And she was so bored with her dark life. The tunnel looks good and you could feel the big dust particles as it was so old and not been touched.  As she slid down she could feel the airbrushing through her hair. She was cautious but had an adventure aside to her and wanted to find out where the slide went. She could see the colors flashing past her eyes. The smell of mold and dampness passing past her. She could hear the woosh of the air. Finally the tunnel came to an end. There was only one thing to think about now. We are from here.

This is the writing I know and love from you Layla! An interesting read – I want to know more!

This is me writing

My work on this is me 

My talents

My talents are Tang Soo Doo ( self  defence ) and a little trampolining. I did trampling for 3  years. But after that I decided to quit as I lost interest. Then I moved on to self defence as my sister did it and my mum said would you like to give it a try so I did and I loved it I haven’t been to any championship/ compositions but one was in may but I won’t be able to go because of the Coronavirus. I still do some tricks on my trampoline at home form my trampolining. My rank in self  defence is a green tag with a orang belt. The next time I move up I will be a green belt and might have to do another class on Fridays. I would like to achieve a black belt. My family would say that I am a bit of an actress and that I am and that I am confident with led roles and in plays and speaking out loud  

my loves and passions 

i love my dog reggie and my cat Jess my dog is a  Staffordshire bull terrier and my cat is a  tortoiseshell cat. My dog is a funny and cute dog. My dog comes into my room and jumps on me until I wake up.One of my passions is self defence I like going as I can let out some inside stress and it helps me feel  Calm. I love my family a lot too.hi see my dad at the weekend and stay there on Saturday night. I go to my nans house  on Friday  and my other nana on Monday.I enjoy talking to my friends and playing games. I love swimming and being outside I love being in the water splashing around.


My aspirations 

for my aspirations I would like to become a teacher but before  that I want to get good grades in my GCSEs. I want to go to university after my GCSEs and become a teacher. So my final job I hope would be a teacher and I want to help others. My  biggest hope at the moment Is that  The coronavirus stops. I would really like to be a year for year six primary school teacher.I am not sure what school I would work in that would have to depend on where I live.and in my spare time I went to metal detecting and if I found something I would take into school and have the kids research about it to see where it came from. I want to be married and have 2 children. 








Siren draft

It was just a normal day,I was looking in the school library for a cool book when.

Suddenly the lights went off ,and I could hear the sound of  someone putting a lock on a door. I was so scared. I was plunged into darkness and i decided to wonder around to find a light switch. All i could feel was the brush of cool air agent my skin. I then heard a siren. The sound echoed throw me. I after a bit of Hesitation i decided to follow it i thought it was the noice of the outside world. The noice was getting louder and louder. For all i could do was to try and feel around to get an idea of where i am.

So i put that idea to the test and i starter to feel around. From what i could make out i could feel a door with a ice cold handle against my skin. The sound was only getting louder. It felt so wired. It felt as if i was blind. I was only folded with thoughts of how bad this could be and what might happen if i follow was his noise. Could this be a prank. If it was this was extremely mean. I thought back to when i was locked in and heard that noise. They must have locked up the school and not seen me.

I have no knowledge of where i am or where i am going. All i could say was will this every end. My head was pounding from the defining  noise as it get closer and closer. This is the worst. I decided to start to hit myself incas I was in a dream but it didn’t work Iwasn’t a dream . This was real not a dream.

I was feeling a lot of  hesitation as I just wondered if this was ever going to stop. Wished i hadn’t left My phone at home. I could then hear the sound of the school clock  China  And i  counted the sound and it was eight at night i was definitely late home why hadn’t my mother come look for me. Wondering more i could see a little bit of light but maybe it was just my imagination.

The noice had stop at last and i then felt pushed against a wall what was it I  felt that ice cold breath agonised me. And suddenly I was exposed to the light. I look back at the school all the  noises have stopped. Was that this.  siren or was it my  imagination  what will happen next.

How does the heart work and what is it?

The heart, is a vital  organ inside of you. Your body, depends on it all the time. without the heart we would not be here today. The heart is about the size of you fist  clenched. Also the heart beats 100,000 and the heart beats 2.5 billion times a lifetime. The heart is located in your chest on the left of you sternum. When you grow your heart grows because when you grow your heart needs to work twice as you grow. Your veins  grow as you grow up  so you heart needs to grow as you do as your veins develop. Your blood  takes  nutrients around your body.

First, your blood contains blood cells that go to the lungs and take oxygen from them to give it to the heart your blood must have oxygen .The oxygen stick to the blood cells and the blood cells then take it back to the heart. When blood cells have got all the oxygen they then take it to the left atrium and than to the right atrium.  The blood cells are bumped all around the body this is why you can hear and feel your heart bet. If there was no oxygen (which is on the lungs)the system would not work probably..  The heart never stops and always  beats  every day. This whole process happens in the time it takes you to blink.

Some extra facts 

The heart is one of the most hard working thing inside of your body. Your heart does this over 100,000 times a day.