Author: 13kingas

24.04.20 Big Write

What would the company look like?

The company logo would look like a truck, but if you’re talking about how the company would be set out, then it would be simple: 1. You would have to get a sponsorship from someone to get the money, 2. Buy a ton of basic human needs and ask for donations, saying it goes towards the homeless and poor, 3. Go round looking for poor and homeless people and give them a big bag full of the items (will be listed later on) and repeat. Once the company gets big, you could start buying trucks and hiring truck drivers to deliver the food, you could also buy a warehouse to keep all the items there. Once you’ve done all of that, you could make a website to gain more popularity. 1 reason of popularity: more people in need would ask to be helped out. Ways to help out: by the website, go to the company’s building (if its close) or you could call the company’s number, if someones going to call then you might as well build an office and hire office workers so they could answer calls. If you’re going to make an office then you could add a building next to the warehouse, this building will consist of many offices for workers who order the items, look for sponsorship, answer calls, etc.

Where will the items be given out?/ Who will they be given out to?

The company will go around delivering items all around England, Scotland and Wales to homeless and poor people. Each person will get a bag filled with all the items. The items will consist of toiletries, food, beverages, a blanket, a sleeping bag and a pillow.

Why does your company not have any more additional features?

If the company got really big sponsorship’s, would get a lot of donations and would have a ton of money then they would give out houses too, but not big ones. Only houses with one level. However, to get that type of money, the company would need to be very trusted and popular. Why? So the company’s know that that they can trust this one and they could give a bigger sponsorship and so a ton of people would know about it and what its doing so more and more people could donate.

Well done Kinga! A great pitch explaining your product. This would be even better if you had an introduction explaining who you are and what you are offering!

Extended Writing – 03.04.20

This piece of writing isn’t a little, nice story of whats happening in our world at this moment. This is a big description of the terror people have to face and experience, it will give you a new point of view of our world.

What is the coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a virus that circulates among animals with some of them also known to infect humans. Meaning, its a virus that came from animals, that spread to humans. Coronavirus is a extremely deadly virus. However, not everyone dies from it. It is considered that the virus came from bats. Some people believe that it came from a human that ate a sick bat; while others think the Chinese government planned it out, due to the over-populated planet. Coronavirus already infected more than a million people in the world and infected about 205 countries.


Many Asians are experiencing racism because of this virus. Some people don’t dare to come near Asians, scared that they’ll get the virus. But little do they know, not all Asians have the virus. Just because they’re Asian, doesn’t mean they have the virus. Some Asians weren’t even born in China. Some were born in America, the UK, Japan, etc. People won’t even bother going into Asian shops/restaurants. Back then, Chinese restaurants would be full of people but now, there’s barely any, or even none! It is unbelievable that humans have developed so much over the past billion/million years and there’s still a bunch of them that are racist. People also make fun of Asians for their culture, for example: eating exotic animals.

Losing loved ones

It may be hard losing a loved one due to this terrible virus. Many people already lost a bunch of their family members because of this virus. This can be heartbreaking and terrible. A human could feel the same level of sadness if their loved one was infected with the virus. They would have to isolate, either at home, or at a special coronavirus hospital.

Lock downs and Travelling

Many people are mortified that their flights were cancelled, those are the same people who don’t realise that’s not a first world problem. Many countries have got into lock down. People don’t go to work, school or stores because they’re closed. Although, not all factories and shops are closed. Factories that produce meat have to stay open so people will have something to eat. I know this because my father and mother work at a meat factory. My father works everyday so he can support out family during the pandemic. Many people come back home exhausted from their 12 hour shifts. It can be extremely cold at meat factories, which doesn’t help at all knowing that theres a chance you get sick quickly and pass away. Many borders got closed due to this virus, also, flights became way cheaper.


The main symptoms are: a continuous cough, a mild fever of no more than 37.8°C, shortness of breath and others. If you have these symptoms, it is recommended that you stay inside and self-isolate.


The Adventure of Identities

Now you must think this is some type of story where you’re trying to find out what you like, but you’re wrong. This is the story of an LGBTQ+ person trying to find who they like. The only reason I’ve made this story is to spread awareness of the terrible history as pride month is coming up.
There was this girl, named Sakura, she lives in a town of hatred. Where the LGBT was not supported. She wanted to explore her identities so one day she tried to look up different sexualities and fit it to her.                                                                          “This is frustrating!” Exclaimed Sakura. “I’m into girls but also into boys.” (This means she’s bisexual, the B in LGBTQ+)  Sakura decided to go on a walk to release the stress. But little did she know, it would just cause her more stress. She went  on the walk and bumped into a girl.
“Sorry!” The girl shouted.                                                                                     “No it’s my fault.” Sakura apologised. “I’m extremely sorry! Could I get you a coffee as an apology?”                                                                                                “There’s no need in that, it was just a little mistake.”  Says the girl.                        “No seriously, I have a lot of money to waste.”  Explains Sakura.                                        “Alright, I guess I could get a small frap.” Said the girl.                                         As soon as they bumped into each other, Sakura knew there was a special connection between the two. After some talking, Sakura found out that the girls name was Ophelia. Sakura decided that for now, it was okay to label herself as queer. (The Q in LGBTQ+) Since she did not know what her sexuality was.
They ended up leaving at 7pm. Since Sakura had to hurry home for dinner. The next day, Sakura she was queer…or did she? She went to the mall and found a man. She thought he was handsome so she went up to him to talk. She ended up dating him for 2 months. However, he broke up with her since he cheated on her with a man and discovered he was gay. (The G in LGBTQ+) Sakura had enough of men since they kept on cheating on her.
She decided women was the way to go. She met a transgender woman. (The T in LGBTQ+) Since she liked transgender people, could she be Pansexual? (The +) No..she couldn’t be.. She wasn’t that into the girl anyway. Well, she knew she was into girls so she was Lesbian. (The L in LGBTQ+)
At the end, she ended up meeting a girl at a cafe. She knew she was the one. All her other relationships failed and this was her last chance before she gave up on love. When she was small she imagined love like a princess story. Although, she was very wrong. For her, love was like a rollercoaster. She couldn’t figure out who she liked but she was lucky enough to find out. Sakura made a final decision,  she was a lesbian. She thought that men were dirty, cheating pigs and if she was straight she would never find lover.  So she ended up with Ophelia since her relationship with the girl at the coffee place didn’t work out. The two girls lived on to their 90s happily ever after.



Science – Kinga, Eleanor, Saoirse

We predict that, when we exercise, our heart rate will speed up. We aim to get our heart rate up to 70bpm, as our normal heart rate is 60bpm (15 beats per 15 seconds).  We think that after running for the 15 seconds, our heart rate will be around 80bpm.

To test our heart rate, we will be doing different exercises like: Running, jogging, etc. We will do each of those exercises for 15 seconds to make it a fair test. After doing the exercises, I will test my heart rate to find out the difference in the different exercises. Again, we will have to test my heart rate (After doing those exercises) around the same time to make it a fair test.

To keep this fair, we will make sure we will check our pulses in the same place. (So either around the neck or on our wrists). We will also have to time everything equally.

The Circulatory System – Big Write

The human heart is a vital organ in the body which pumps blood. It carries blood and oxygen to other parts of the body. It beats around 100,000 times a day and translates about 2,000 gallons of blood everyday. It sits in the chest just a little bit to the left, in front of the left lung. Your heart is about the size of a clenched fist. It also pumps blood every time it beats. If you didn’t have a heart then you would die.

First, the blood cell goes through the right atrium. Then, it goes through the tricuspid valve and the right ventricle. The blood vessel goes through the arteries deoxygenated, then the heart sends the oxygenated blood through the veins. After that, it comes into the left atrium, left ventricle,  aortic valve and to where the oxygen is needed. Then, the cycle restarts.

Here are some facts: Did you know that every second, 8 million blood cells die, and the same number are born? The heart beats around 3 billion times in a persons life.