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Coraline walked down the old and chipped steps. Meanwhile, the wind was blowing through her short, blue hair as she looked at the grey, dull scene that laid in front of her eyes. She walked to a nearby bush, the only colour in the garden, and pulled out a fairly long stick. Pulling the leaves off it, she ran ahead to a path as a mangey cat followed. As the cat and coralline stopped, the cat nearly slipped off the mini cliff, which he had halted at, sending a rock falling in front of Coraline’s feet. Frightened, she called out to see who it was and as they didn’t answer her, she threw a rock at where the cat was standing. In agony the cat screeched which creeped Coraline out so she sprinted away. As she sprinted on, she stopped at a weird-looking tree stump. Ending up in the mysterious, dark, and lifeless woods, she saw the cat reveal its identity. She shouted in anger as she was angry he scared her. As she was distracted being angry at the black cat, a mystery motorcycle started revving and flew out of nowhere over the mud and nearly landed on Coraline. Fortunately, it missed her and landed on the nearby tree stump. It removed the skull mask from its face revealing a harmless little boy. What will happen next? Will they become friends or enemies?

Beautifully written Kaliya! You have used a range of Y6 writing techniques to make your writing interesting and exciting! I love the hook – I want to know more!

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it will help them one day?

Recently, we have been discussing a question along with a picture. The question being, ‘Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help someone one day’. The picture, that led to the question, was about a king gifting his 5-year-old children a ‘pet’ dragon for their birthday. The king made the final decision based on how much help and protection the children will need when they are old enough to rule. This big decision is what brought us to talk about the question that we will be further discussing throughout this piece of writing.

As I neither agree nor disagree, I am in the middle. Therefore, I will be arguing for and against but in two separate paragraphs. This first paragraph will be for. One of my main points is about how if a gift was helpful than I think it could be worth it if the person could learn how to use it without getting harmed. This is because I believe if someone learned how to deal with the dangerous part of the gift, the helpful bit would be worth the risk. In this case, if the 5-year-old children could deal with the fierce part of the dragon, the benefits would be worth it in the future to become a ruler.

This next paragraph will be talking about why I disagree with gifting people, especially children, a dangerous gift. Although it can help them in the future, could it risk their lives? That is the question I am asking myself. In the case of the picture,  I think a dragon is way too dangerous and even if they tame it, will the fierce dragon stay tamed forever? No, it will not, a dragon is a dragon: a wild creature and as I know from the internet; feisty and easily provoked. Therefore, this creature is more dangerous than helpful and not worth the risk.

In conclusion, I believe both sides are reasonable and have good points. I hope this piece of writing helped you and you now know what you want to argue for. However, I am going to leave you to decide for yourself. Please think about your decision carefully and make sure you  have all the right facts

Superbly written Kaliya! You have understood the text type and the tone in which it should be written! Your sentence types, rhetorical questions, and vocabulary choices are powerful and truly engage the reader. Well done on a great discussion text!

This is Me


Although, I have a few  talents. I think my greatest  is football. Some of my other talents include: Art, Archery and Horse riding.  Even though I have always played football, over the past two years I have been taking it more seriously by joining a team to train and i have played in a tournament and several matches. When I was younger I used to play football with brother and my friends for fun. Since I have joined my team I have  got  better and better  at my talent. Next  season I will  learn new skills. and help my team do well in the league. I also hope to have some more horse riding lessons so I can improve my cantering (really fast running).  I practise drawing every day  to improve my skills in art too. I expect I have got my skills for art from my granddad. In the future my skills will definitely get better.

Loves & Passions

I love spending time with my family, especially the family that live with me or near me. The reason I love spending time with them  is because they make me laugh. When I am with them, they always make things fun. I also love football. I play football, whether  I am sad or happy, but if I am sad I can always rely on it to cheer me up. Not only do I love football, but it is also my main passion. Even though it is a way to have fun, at times, I can also take it very seriously. Another passion of mine is art. I love art because when I do it, it clears my mind. I also love art because I can express my self within it. In art I like drawing and painting the most, as I feel it can be more interesting and imaginative.

Dreams & Aspirations

My goal for the future is to pass my GCSEs and A-levels with good grades. When I leave School, I would like to go to University to do a course that will combine my love of creative art and my passion for sports. Outside of my education, I hope to continue getting better at football and maybe get accepted into an academy, to play football for a professional league. I would also love to travel to many countries around the world and get my qualification to coach football in America. Whilst travelling around the world, I would like to volunteer for charities to help less fortunate people.

My Dragons Den Pitch


Bored, confused and worried, is this how you feel? All around the world people, young and old, are bored of life in lock down, young children are confused as to why we are on lock down and how long is left and everyone is worried about how to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. Yes, we can watch the news to see long we are on lock down for, but this can be scary and confusing for young people and we can look online for the guidelines to help us stay safe, but they are aimed for adults mostly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access this, all in one place? My name is Kaliya Jackson and I would like to introduce to you my app “The countdown activity calendar”, a simple to use and fun app. Every day, when you go on this app, you will unlock 3 new activities to complete throughout the day. These activities range from healthy recipes to make with family to a 6-piece puzzle for a 3-year-old to put together to a new phrase in a foreign language of choice for a 14-year-old. It helps younger children understand how many days of lock down is left by seeing the days being marked off and getting fun and educational activities on how to stay safe during lock down. This is also updated automatically if lock down is extended. It also helps older children and teens understand how long is left and why it’s important to follow social distancing even though they miss their friends. It also gives them a break from their schoolwork by giving them fun activities and quizzes to do which they can compete with their friends daily to keep them connected. If the family option is chosen, then the activities will be based around fun things to do, make and learn as a family.

When you download this app to your device, you will notice it is colourful and easy to locate. It has the date on the logo for example “23 Apr” and it has rainbow corners-this is so that it stands out from all the other calendar apps. Right in the middle is a lock representing lock down and when you press the lock, your finger will act like the key and open the app loading the countdown calendar.

My app will be £4.00 for a family, which can be downloaded onto 4 different devices using the main account but allowing 4 different users to use it. This will make it £1.00 per device. It can also be bought as a single account for £1.25. Each day you go onto the app to mark off the day and then it shows you how many days of lockdown are left; this also gets updated whenever this time is extended by the Government. When you have done that it gives you 3 different activities to complete throughout the day. These can vary from educational activities, fun activities and sometimes even quizzes. Another exciting thing about the app is that you can add your friends on there so that you can connect with them by completing activities together on the app. When you set the app up you can select which age you or your child is or select the family option and therefore all activities will be age appropriate.

Why have you charged for this app?

I have decided to charge for this app simply to make it a nicer experience for the users, it does this by taking out the need for adverts. On free apps people get bombarded with ads, which then makes the users feel frustrated and discouraged. Since my app does not have adverts people will like it better, therefore more people will buy it. Not only will people not feel so bombarded with adverts, parents will also feel better about letting their young children use this app.

Where will you sell your app?

I will sell it through app stores for apple and android devices. I am currently working on developing this app so it can be accessed through gaming platforms such as: Nintendo switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

Wow Kaliya!! You are a super star! I can tell how much effort and time has gone into this over the week, and I am so proud of you for doing that during home learning! You have clearly responded to the feedback you were given and you have included all of the Y6 skills you were asked for: relative clauses, subordinate clauses, rhetorical questions and fronted adverbials. Well done Kaliya! 

The Elemental Fours

Land. It has Always been a home to me. Yet I have always felt connected to the sky. I have forever wondered if there was more to life than I know. Do I have a purpose in life? As much as I love my mother and it being just us two I have been drawn to think that I have more family in the kingdom. Somewhere. I stand up and I feel the wind flow through my body and I feel a familiar Power. I felt so light I felt like I could float through the breeze.


7 hours later I was back in my warm and safe village. As I get home I see many people standing by the door. Although they have very familiar faces, I have never seen them before. My mum, standing at the door, arms crossed, face concerned as she holds an ancient looking staff,she exclaims “quick get out of the cold”. I walked towards the house cautiously. A suitcase sat upon the sofa as I walked in. “Has someone died”? “No darling come, sit”. A soft voice replied.”we  need to talk”. her mum added.“urgently” another voice added. So I sat “ ok so what’s up”. “So have you felt any thing different”? “ yes I have felt so connected to the sky” “why”? Breeze  replied “Well” her mum explained.

Many hours later. “So let me get this straight” she panted as if it was hot. “ I’m the master of the sky , an elemental princess of this whole kingdom, I have 3 elemental sisters and there is a villain that lives to kill us after making him elemental”. “Yes?” She very tiredly asked. “Uhh pretty much yeah” a relaxed voice muttered. As breeze took it all in she says “so what do I do “.” Well before your mum put you in my arms for the the first time, she said you would have to go on a quest to find your sisters  and save the kingdom from ‘random phantom’ a knowledgeable villain.’ ” “So do you accept?” a voice asked.  “Yes I will take on this responsibility and save the world.” Breeze replied. “That’s a bit intense.” a voice muttered.

After lots of  walking, breeze  got to her first stop. “Finally I’m here.”   “Hi” ” who are you” ? A voice asked. ” I am  ”  “called breeze” Breeze replied “ohh so are you my missing sister?” Orchid asked. “One of three”!   “I know what we have to do, so what are we waiting for?”

Making their way to the volcano, breeze wondered how many of the the sisters knew before her.”Ah we are here” “Cool” breeze admired.

An avalanche appeared ” Quick get out the way “. Orchid said as she catapulted herself through the air. as they hurtled through the air, before they hit the ground breeze grabbed onto Orchid and flew for the first time.

THEY ARRIVED! They nearly reunited with the last sister.



Circulatory Systom


The heart is a very vital organ  which pumps the blood around your body .It is essential for life as it carries very important  nutrients and oxygen to your other organs. It also transports the carbon dioxide (CO2) to the lungs so you then breathe it out , the reason for this is the CO2 is actually very poisonous for your body. The heart sits in your chest , left of the sternum bone (bone in your chest) and in front of the lungs – which are interconnected with the circulatory system as they provide the oxygen that is needed. Did you know your heartbeats ,on average, 100,000 times a day, therefore in 2.5 billion times in a life time. If you put your heart into perspective it is around the size of a clenched fist.

Your Circulatory System is made up of your heart, blood vessels and lungs. Everyone’s blood cells travel like a bus on a road, for example the road are your veins and arteries and the blood cells are like the buses. In more detail, the blood cells transport the carbon dioxide to the left atrium, then straight through the mitral valve to the left ventricle finally to the aortic valve. The right atrium receives oxygen-poor blood from the body and pumps it to the right ventricle through the tricuspid valve. The right ventricle pumps the oxygen-poor blood to the lungs through the pulmonary valve.