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Wishes in Boxes – sealed with love!

The United Kingdom is in lockdown; we are separated from our families and friends; your heart that is usually fluttering with love is now still. Silent; this is your worst nightmare. You can’t deny the fact that you have been in lockdown for the past 101 days, and you have been unable to see the people that steal your heart. Imagine a world where families and friends communicate through screens, a life without that loving hug, a day where you can’t see the people you care the most for; fortunately, this pandemic will eventually end but in the mean-time, we have your perfect mix to cure your heartache. The only question is; are you ready to revolutionise someone’s lockdown life?

Well if you are, listen on. Wishes in boxes hopes to mend your broken heart and provide a way for families to reconnect. Your heart will emerge from its hiding place when you see the quality of this box; the decoration of this box, and the love that is put into the making of this box. You might think lockdown is the end of the world even the end of humanity, but I can confidently tell you that the wish in a box will cure the world’s heartbreak. A wish in a box is highly recommended, and 13 out of 15 people would buy my product. They are available online for £10.50, which I feel is a reasonable price for the significant quality of my box, and on your second box, you get 50% off! When doing my market researching there were many views from my target audience, such as “ Your product is a reasonable price.” , “I love the idea of sending a gift to friends and family!” and “Your product would cheer someone up.” As wishes in box’s main goal is to send love around the world, special treatment will not be given to any of our customers; I hope you understand. At the beginning we will only have a small amount of starting money, so we will only have one box option which will include a colouring book, love hearts, a bar of soap and a personalised message, all neatly packing in one beautiful box. If you would like to add or swap items in the wish in a box when it arrives, so it is perfect for your loved ones, the box is easy to open as it will not be taped closed. Then you can add more love and care into this hug through mail.

This is just the beginning of our wishes in boxes journey. As our business grows more and more, we hope to provide you with a greater variety of boxes, products, and services. I fully believe in my product and that my company will be well-known across the UK. People will travel from far and wide just to deliver the wish in a box to their most loved ones. We hope to provide you with boxes for different age groups, a box for boys and girls, a box for pets, and even a box you can put together yourself. We hope to give you services such as afternoon tea that we will deliver to your doorstep. Now we just need one thing… you! If you believe in my business, you will buy my product; if you believe in my business, you will send a hug through the mail; if you believe in my product, you will make my dream a reality. Thank you for your time; I hope my product relates to you.

A beautifully written persuasive pitch Iliana! You have worked incredibly hard to uplevel this through drafting this week! Well done.


This is a piece of art by a Graffiti artist called Banksy. This represents how NHS workers are the true heroes to our world. They can help anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The techniques in this artwork are beautiful, it looks like it has been sketched so when I found out it was graffiti I was amazed. The strokes for the hair are fine but they are dark enough that you can see them all,the shading for the dungarees go from hard to soft to create an effect that the dungarees are worn. For his face Banksy has added a shadow which comes of the nurse onto the boys face.

This piece of art work has specifically been drawn to ‘’ Brighten up your day even if it is just in black and white’’ . The superhero’s are in the basket because superhero’s are not real, they may save the world but they are fictional characters. However, nurses, doctors anyone who works for the NHS is a true hero, I can prove this as they are saving our world every second of every day.

The medical cross on the nurses uniform is in red because Banksy wanted it to stand out. He wanted it to the part people notice first. The part that draws the eye. Banksy wanted the nurse to stand out because they are important. They are a hero, all NHS workers are. They are health hero’s. I think he wanted people to notice how important they are, and how they should be an inspiration to us.

Further questions – How long did this take? Where is it?

This is beautifully written Iliana! You have truly analysed this piece of art work and made some thoughtful observations and questions. You have also shown your Y6 writing skills!! Well done. 


First, the kitchen was beautifully decorated, every tile laid perfectly, every dish had been polished until shiny and the flowerpot on the table was placed exactly in the center. The walls were painted a pastel yellow, the ovens and cupboards were coloured to match. The pretty grey lace curtains were drawn just below the window so you could see the midnight moon, and the glowing stars while Coraline sat down at the small table, and waited to tuck into a delicious meal of chicken, potato, and sweetcorn. At first, Coraline, sat at the table staring at the glowing moon, she felt at home she felt a feeling that she never wanted to end. Although a few things seemed odd, as Coraline walked closer to what seemed to be her mother something caught her, eye a smudge of blood on the floor and a grave in the garden. Coraline tried to ignore them and walked on. Her ‘’Mother’’ turned around only to expose her eyes, her button eyes. Apparently, this was her ‘’other mother’’. Coraline stepped back only to fall and see a tiny speck of blood upon the ceiling as well. What had happened in this house? What was a ‘’other mother’’? Was Coraline safe?

A beautiful setting description Iliana! Great use of adverbials and other Y6 sentence types to extend your ideas! I love the hook at the end!

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day? – Big write –

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day?

Lately, we have been studying an image that is accompanied by a story about a king, who gives his five-year-old twins a dragon for their fifth birthday. Despite knowing the dangers of having a dragon as a pet, the king felt his decision was right and stood by it because he knew his children would rule his kingdom one day and would need all the help they could get, therefore a dragon would be a perfect ally. This image has led us to a discussion of the question, ‘’ Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day?’

You can’t deny that a dragon is a fierce and powerful ally and that a father would do anything to protect his beloved children ( especially a king ); however, in my opinion, I think that it is not a good idea to gift someone something dangerous, even if it is something that can eventually help them. I think this because if a child( or anyone really)  decides to buy themselves something dangerous that might help them in the upcoming years of their life, it is their choice; however, if someone gives it to you that decision/choice is immediately taken away from you, and the person that has given you something dangerous has taken that decision on, and decided for you.

Following on from this, I also believe that no matter if the dangerous thing helps you, it will always be considered dangerous in other people’s minds. In this case, the dangerous thing is a dragon: I know that you can train a dragon day and night to be calm and cuddly around you, and the more you train them the better they will get. But no matter how nice, cuddly and sweet they are, they are still considered dangerous because a dragon, is just a dangerous creature in general.

I understand that there are many other arguments out there fighting for either for or against, however, I am certain that it is not okay to gift someone something dangerous, even if it could help them one day. I have explained why I disagree with the king’s decision using proven evidence and ensured that my opinion makes sense. Until my point is disproved, I feel it is best for the king to sell the dragon and buy his children a more appropriate gift for a five-year-old, such as a toy car and doll. What is your opinion on this story? Do you think the children are more or less safe with the dragon?  Do you feel the children are unsafe until the dragon is taken away?

Superbly written Iliana! You have clearly made your point using strong vocabulary choices and a range of sentence types. You have shown that you understand the text type and I feel confident in you as a reader as you are so certain of your decision. Great discussion text, written at your usual Y6 writing standard – well done!

this is me – report


my talents

Although I normally keep my talents to myself, I do have a few. I do not always feel comfortable talking about my talents, as I do not want to sound arrogant. One of my talents is dancing ; I started at 18 months and continued ever since, I go to dance classes in St. Ives and do shows with my class in Conberton. Dancing helps me express myself and keep calm. Dance means a lot to me and I wouldn’t be me without it. When I do dance shows I am always nervous, however when I am on stage dancing I love it. Dancing helps me make friends out of school too. Dance can be hard, but I push through, because I know its what I love and want to do. Another talent I think I have is singing, I love to sing and my friends say I am good. I don’t go to singing lessons, but I do love to sing. Singing helps me express myself, and explore my personality ; my mom told me singing is something I have always loved to do. I like to listen / sing a wide variety of brilliant songs. Another talent I have is running, I love to run and when I put myself to it i can be quite fast. I first became interested in running at school, and sports day is my favourite day because of the race at the end. Me and my dad do go on runs occasionally, but I must say I am better at sprinting than jogging. When I go to secondary I would like to improve my running, so I can become even better. Another talent I have is making videos ; i do them in my room and use my phone. I use an app called inshot to edit my videos and make them more interesting. I send my videos to my family and they always come back sending laughing emoji’s and saying that made me laugh. I put a lot of effort into my videos because I enjoy them, and I like to make others laugh. The last talent I think I have is creative writing. I first realised I was good during the 500 word challenge. I really like to write short stories because, I can make up fun characters and use my imagination. I think I get me creative writing from my mom ( she is quite creative to ). When I write my stories I like to make a character a bit like me, as when I read the book back it helps me feel like I am actually in the book.

my loves and passions.

I have a lot of things that make me happy, calm, and laugh. My family are very important to me ; they make me laugh all the time. Whenever is see my family I am full of joy, because they come up to me, hug me and, make me smile. I can always count on them to make me calm, or make me laugh. Some of my family live about 1 – 2 hours away so I cant see them so often, but when I do see them I have so much fun, and we do all sorts of fun and crazy things together. If I am completely honest, without my family I would be lost, I just wouldn’t be myself. Another group of people that I can always ( and I mean always ) count on to make me calm, or joyful, even in the worst of times, are my friends. Whenever I am upset, or sad, or even just not feeling myself, they always seem to know a way to cheer me up. I can count on my friends 24 – 7, and they are like family to me. My friends mean a whole lot to me, and they are honestly some of the nicest, caring people I have ever met. Without my friends I would be again lost, but more or less miserable, and upset. One of things I can rely on to make me joyful is my cat, he is just so fluffy and cute and well crazy, its like he can understand English! If I’m feeling a bit upset, or just need a hug, he is always there for me. Just the second I feel upset or down, he arrives, and I don’t feel that way anymore. Also I can rely on him to distract me, if I am worrying about something again he walks in the room and snuggles at my feet, or he will nock his toys to me and I can play with him. Without him I would be lost, unhappy and upset all the time.

My hopes, dreams and aspirations

For the future, I have many hopes, dreams, and goals, and one of them is to learn to play the keyboard. I am not too sure why I want to learn to play the keyboard, maybe it is because I like the music that comes from it, honestly, I’m not too sure. I would also like to eventually have my own keyboard. Another thing I would like to do in the future is to learn to drive. I want to learn to drive because I want to be able to get to places far away without taking a bus, or a taxi. Another reason I want to learn to drive is that I want to be able to offer to take my friends, or family out, rather than ask me. I think the final reason I want to learn to drive is that I don’t want to rely on others to take me out, by this I mean, I don’t want to have to rely on a certain person, or group of people to take me out, I want to take others out and be independent. The final main thing is an aspiration, I want to become a hairdresser when I am older. I know this is what I want to do because I love to do my doll’s hair and other people’s hair. When I do hairstyles I like to look at photos for inspiration, or sometimes just make one up. When the hairstyles I do don’t turn out as I imagined, I just try, try, and try again: practice makes perfect. It might be a hard route becoming a hairdresser but I am willing to try no matter what because it’s my passion. A little hope/dream I have is to have my own house: If I had my own house at the moment it would definitely have a black and white theme. I do like a black and white themed house… This next little hope/dream is a normal-sized one. One day I would like to go to Canada, although it is a long plane trip away I want to do it. I’m not sure why but I definitely want to ( maybe it is because I want to visit my family there. ). Those were all my hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations for the future, well at least for now.

Big write- Hands Up pitch

Stuck, confused and need the help of your teacher – Sound familiar? Due to the current lock down situation, many children across the globe are being home schooled. Children are relying on parents to help them with their schooling troubles. Do they always know the answer? Can the always fix your issue? Do you just need a teacher by your side to help you? I’m Iliana and although I cant give you your teacher, I can give you the ‘ Hands Up ‘! The ‘Hands Up’ is the next best thing, it will send your troubles flying away. Coming with its own app, the ‘Hands Up’ is the perfect way to seek help from your teacher

The ‘Hands Up’ has been created to allow children to get the instant help of their teacher. The ‘Hands Up’ is a practical size and easily portable, so you can take it on the go. When your children need help, they simply press the hands up button (located in the middle of the device) and then on the screen (directly under the button) the word waiting will appear. Linked via the app, the ‘Hands Up’ is easy to set up, not only for the children, but for the teacher as well. When the teacher downloads the app, they will get a notification every time a new child joins the question queue, and the teacher simply taps on the child next in the queue and answers their question. When you are on a call with your teacher, to ask your question you hold the microphone button, on top of the hands up button, and hold it down for three seconds before releasing the button and stating your issue. Priced at £25, it is not only affordable ,but it comes with a 1 year warranty. The ‘Hands Up’ uses USB charging, so you can use your phone charger. The ‘Hands Up’ is light weight, easy to travel with and affordable, plus it will fix all your ‘I don’t know’ issues. Just like in class!

Why does it not have any additional features?
Although extra pieces might be exciting and a way to help pass time, it would make the ‘Hands Up’ considerably more expensive, and harder for children and teachers to set up. We want to make the hands up affordable, but high quality, as our product has to be the best it could possibly be. When making the ‘Hands Up’ we considered many other ways we could spice our device up, but we decided on a simple, easy to use device. By sticking to a simple product, we had more time to test it and make sure the ‘Hands Up’ had substantial quality.

Why does it come with its own app?
The ‘Hands Up’ comes with it’s own app because it allows the set up of the device to be even easier. It does not only increase the quality of the product, but makes it more modern and easier to use. The app does not only allow you to see who is in the question queue, but allows you to answer the question as well. To answer a question via the app, you simply tap on the child next in the queue, push your hands up button, hold then release the microphone button, then ask and fix away.

Well done Iliana! A beautifully written and very persuasive putch for you Lock Down invention! You have clearly responded to the feedback you were given, and I can see you have acknowledged the success criteria for skills. You have used rhetorical questions, subordinate clauses and modal verbs! Super Star!

lock down guide big write


Keep that brain busy          

When in lock down you want to have something to keep you busy so you’re not playing video games all day. An example of what to do is to call friends or family you may not of seen in a while. If you have the same toy or possibly video game as your friends and family you can play with them over face time.  You could also play a board game with others in the house hold you are in. Just try to not spend all your time online.

Yummy in my tummy

In lock down you definitely need food. Even though you can only go to the shops with 1 other person it can also keep you busy to go food shopping, it may not be the best way to spend your time but it is definitely an option. You do need the essentials (cereal, milk etc.), however there is no harm in grabbing a little treat for you.

Roam free

If you are stuck in the house you definitely need to go out (even just in the garden) to get some fresh air. This is another way to keep busy. You don’t have to be outside for a long time it can even just be an ill stand outside for 5 minutes while I stretch my legs. You do not have to walk you can go on a bike or a run, it really depends on how you want to exercise.

Well being warriors

In lock down you want to keep you mental and physical well being on track, this includes you time and cleaning and sharing your thoughts and opinions on things. You should share your worries and concerns because your parents or siblings might know something about your concern that you may not know yet. Even though you are at home and you’re not really going to go out and see anybody you should still clean and brush your teeth etc.

Music melody

Listening to music can really help lighten the mood as you can pick a song that really represents the mood you’re in or a song that will make you feel better. You can dance and just let your emotions run wild. If you want to dance you can try just dance.

30 min of enjoyment

Try to build in to your schedule 30 min of something you enjoy, it may be reading or drawing really just anything you like. If you can, try to do this in a quiet space alone because this can also be you time, this can help with your mental well being because during lock down you are in a house with the same people all the time so alone time can help your brain relax and focus on you a bit more. Also alone time is good as when you come down from your 30 min time or however long you do it for you have more things to talk about when you go down stairs.

Congratulations you are now officially a lock down pro.

500 word challenge (crowned death)

Run while you still can…                                                                                                                       Years ago, a boy was born. Only a few weeks later he was left on the steps of an orphanage. Taken in by  Clarke as a baby, he knew that the next 18 years would be worse than anyone could imagine. As he grew older, he only got more curious. Today was his 18th birthday. By now you are probably wondering why he is just a ‘his’ – he had no name except ‘he’ except.. Wait.. I am going too fast. Let me continue. When  he turned 18, he ran. He ran to blood ripple lake. That is when it all happened. Did he speak? N,o he just thought. He sat beside the lake just thinking about what he could find out or who he could find. Until, out the corner of his eye, he could see an immense black figure coming closer and closer. Could he run? No he could barely move… a hand reached out and he tried to grab it but the hand was not there to help him only to kill him. Next thing he knew he was sinking down the lake being crowned death.

Ring ring..

Alissa smith picked up the phone to see who was ringing. Unknown number. she expected it was probably her friends new number. She was very wrong… She answered it only to hear a muffled voice saying, “Come Alissa. Come and be crowned death.” Was it a prank? No it was him. Who? Him. Alissa had no idea what to think. or to say. She could only think to run. To the lake. No to Merelda’s house. When Alissa arrived, she told Merelda everything. Neither her or Merelda knew who this unknown caller was. A few hours later, all of Alissa’s friends had arrived at Merelda’s house. They ran to blood Ripple Lake, as they thought it was the only way to get answers. Was it? No it was not… they all sat around the lake thinking all they did was thought. Silly idea? Very silly idea. Out of the corner of their eyes they saw something. It was an immense black figure. Did they run? Some. How many? All but one. Merelda was frozen stiff with fear: they tried but not hard enough. When a hand reached out, Merelda was awoken from her sleep of fear. She tried to grab the hand to help her up, but that is not what it was there for – she got pushed into the lake. Was she dead? No. She was only crowned death. Alissa and her friends ran.

Alissa Smith woke up the next morning and went into the bathroom. She turned on the tap, but instead of water rushing, blood came crawling out. She screamed and tried to run out the door, but it was locked. She tried to turn off the tap, but she couldn’t. She heard Merelda’s voice singing, “Drown in my blood.” Did she? Of course she did. She drowned in her best friends blood. They all did.

big write – Iliana

A place in far west Texas where the environment is picturesque and heaven – like, a place were your child can learn to appreciate the natural surroundings that you grew up in. The sacred Night sky is as dark as coal and the morning sky is lightened by a sun rise. Temple like canyons standing tall and proud and plants as green as a garden, Mountains sprinkled in ancient lime stone and apon it an ocean of a million shades of blue coveredin puffy white clouds. As far as the eye can see there is not a single iron bar or electric fence in sight as here at Camp Green Lake we believe in freedom Here at camp  green lake we disconnect your child from modern technoligy and connect them to the alluring natural surroundings. Here at the magnificant Cmp Green Lake in big bend Texas we believe that giving children another option is the correct thing to do so that is what!

The Cirulartory system-big write

Have you ever wondered what your heart is?                                                                                             your heart is a vital organ to your body and it is essential to life because it keeps your blood pumping around your body. If you didn’t have a heart you would honestly die. Your heart is the most important organ in your body and it beats around 10,000 times a day and around 2.4 billion times in a lifetime. Your heart transports about 2,000 gallons a day.

But the real question is how does your heart work?                                                                                    It all starts when your red blood cells travel into the right atrium and travels through a passage called a valve to the right Ventricle , from there it travels in a vein ( A vein is for non oxygenated blood) to the lungs, the blood cells bounce of the sides of the vein and all of the oxygen particles stick to the blood cells then it travels to the lungs to collect some more oxygen and then it heads down a archery (an archery is for oxygenated blood) and back to the heart. When the red blood cell reaches the heart again it travels into the  left atrium and again through a valve to the left ventricle from there it travels down an archery to give another part of the body the oxygen it needs for example the foot. When your red blood cell reaches the foot the oxygen floats off and carbon dioxide sticks to the red blood cell and then the cell travels up an archery and then the cycle continues.